How Does Life Work – The Evolution Equation

R = A / N – E

Where: R = Reproduction, A = Available resources for reproduction, N = Necessary resources for reproduction, and E = Environment influences opposed to reproduction.

For Reproduction to happen, R must be >= 1. R is positive integers.


Just Chicks

Don’t jerk off to other people fucking.

There are a lot of guys that know more about brain cells and neurotransmitters and shit than me, so I’ll just tell you what I know from my life. I still jerk off when I have to, but, I don’t ever watch porn. It’s just girls, whether pics or videos, just the girl.

Because that’s what it comes down to, no pun intended. If you jerk off to another dude getting his on, you’re just training yourself to be a bitch. Versus finding some hottie, preferably attractive enough with her clothes on, that you’d like to bang. Because then you’re setting goals.

And, don’t sit or lay down. Again, you’re training yourself to be a passive bitch, which isn’t good for being an aggressive man whore or bad ass husband, depending on your proclivities. Do that shit standing, with power. Own it. You need to get off, and sometimes you just make have to make do. At least I do. When I don’t have a chica on the regular the boys still need a workout.

You can also train another behavior at the same time, which most guys are horrible at, which is eye contact. For whatever reason, most dudes look away way to early like a loser when they catch the eye of some fine piece, even though they could snap her in half without thinking about it. So, look at that semi clothed chica in the eye when you’re releasing your testosterone shake into to the world.

Red heads are banging, by the way.

Feminism Is Brilliant

Feminism is one of the greatest ideas ever made. Not for everybody, but no idea ever is. It’s great for a small group of men and a lot of companies.

First, hooking is frowned upon in the United States, unlike the rest of the (civilized) world. So what’s a successful man to do? Why, just hire the hookers full time! They don’t even have to be good at their jobs, he’s just trying to make quotas and empower women. It’s a win win. He’s a great man by spreading equality and he doesn’t have to leave the office to snag a quickie. And they’ve made a huge institutional pipeline for this. Just like Sandusky.

Second, men tend to save more then women. So what does feminism do? It takes money out of the man’s hands and gives it to the woman. Don’t like how much your wife spends, then get divorced. Then you get to pay alimony and child support to still support her spending habits. And if you’re a corporation that wants to separate money from the hands of all these potential consumers, then damn right you’re going to support equality and the loosening of the those purse strings. Plus, more stand in hookers, because equality.

Third, men spend more when there are less women around. So, limit the population of women. They’re not women until they’re 18, and even then they need the opportunity to throw off the oppressive yoke of an actually functioning society and family life to achieve the independence of being a socially acceptable hooker. But I digress. Don’t let regular men see women until the women begin their downhill slide after 21. Because, then all the men will piss away their resources as fast as possible at clubs, restaurants, cars, and whatever house they can pledge 30 years for.

Feminism is still just a man’s world. And it’s brilliant. Evil, but brilliant all the same.

Because Equality

Bad Movie Date

I took a girl out to a movie recently. I like movies, she likes me, I can’t drive, so it’s a win-win for everybody.

Now, before I hit her up, I did consider trying to find a movie that she’d like. But then I thought, “Why? I’m the one that wants to go. If she takes me to a movie, then she can pick.” So we went to a basic action movie. And about 30 minutes into it, after some particular kung fu versus mythical monster awesomeness, she looks over at me, and says, “What, are you making me watch?!” That would be a question hinted at with a huge WTF!? at the end.

I could have tried to placate her, tell her I’ll pick something better next time, or some other beta bullshit, but no. Not my style. I just grab her leg, and say with a shit eating grin on my face, “Something awesome.” Because she doesn’t have to enjoy the movie, she just has to enjoy me enjoying the movie. Which she does, and then she tells me how awesome the movie was when it’s over, with a genuine smile on her face.

I’ll go to a chick flick with a girl if she really wants me to, but something early like this will be my movie and my choice, because I’m looking for a woman that will grind out something she doesn’t enjoy to make her man happy, and if she won’t, I want to know to next her as soon as possible. Guy movies are great way to do this.

Save a Beta, Buy a Hooker

So in America, there’s this obsession with strip clubs. Men want to blow their money on women just to get teased. Seriously, they’re that devoid of human contact that they’ll give money to a woman for merely dancing in front of them, and maybe a little more if she gives him just a little bit of human contact.


This is why the price of pussy is so inflated here, or as a stripper ex girlfriend put it,

“I have to live in the U.S. to strip or else I’d have to be a whore. Men in the rest of the world won’t settle for less than fucking.”

If you’re going to blow your wad on a woman just because she’s a woman, then make sure you blow your wad.

I know there’s this big anti-whore contingency in the man spoken area of the internet, but paying for a stripper instead of a whore is like going to the gym to lift arms every day. If you’re going to do it, do it like a man. Strippers are just whores who don’t have to give up the goodies because their customers are weak.

Man up, wrap your shit, and understand the true economics of pussy. The only reason women are half ok with strip clubs is because it keeps the price of pussy high by elevating demand and draining the resources of betas.

As xsplat says,

Women know their value. They know they can trade their value for their benefit.

You should know this, too. Game is important, but if you’re going the economic route, don’t overpay.


The Charisma Myth

I’ve started reading The Charisma Myth. One of the early statements that has stood out is this:

Because what’s in your mind shows up in your body and because people will catch even the briefest microexpression, to be effective, charismatic behaviors must originate in your mind.

This has resonated with some of my recent personal experiments in human interaction, where I basically just fuck with people as subtly as possible.

What I’ve been doing is trying to determine who really enjoys seeing me, and who doesn’t. So I have tried to keep my face as neutral as possible when I see people, which has given me a whole lot of nothing in response. Literally, for most people, if I don’t open them, they’re quiet.

Now, the me of my youth would have assumed they just didn’t want to be bothered. But, older, and wiser me has a plethora of past behavior, and most people that I enjoy seeing truly enjoy seeing me. But, because of my physical and emotional presence, most everyone else is waiting for my emotional state to play off of, and when they don’t get that, they don’t really know what to do.

It seems like this is a big sticking point for all the text monkeys that seem to be spreading disease like through the land, they keep waiting on other people to make a move. If you’re dominant, which you should be as a man, you’ll be waiting a long time. You have to bring the charisma with you, because most people just don’t have it. Especially women, who tend toward responsive desire. They’re waiting for you to bring it to their world.


Police Protect Your Women, Not You

From Alpha Game:

If a woman physically attacks you in a manner that indicates her serious intent to harm you, then you beat the living shit out of her. Beat her so badly, so painfully, that she fears for her life. 

Afterwards, calmly explain to her that if she calls the police or tries to press charges after she attacked you and forced you to defend yourself, you’ll simply do your 30 days or whatever and then you’ll come back and do it again. Only this time, you won’t be merely defending yourself. You’ll be looking for payback, and payback is a serious bitch. And remind her that the police won’t be there until after the fact. 

She’ll believe you. Remember, first and foremost, women are creatures of fear. Because they are so fearful, they have created a system where men are arrested and punished and lose access to their children even when they are attacked, even when they don’t defend themselves. The object is to make her understand that simple fact that the vast edifice of the police and the legal system are totally incapable of protecting her. Which, as it happens, is completely true.

It’s better to be feared then loved.

Love helps out women and children who can’t help themselves.

Fear helps the man who is thrown out to the wolves, which is what we’ve done to men in today’s society.

My relationships have ended better than most, because once a woman stops loving you, fear is all you can give her to protect yourself.