Do Your Work, Not Hers

I’ll start this with one of my comments over at the Chateau Heartiste. It’s about a study that shows couples who share the housework equally have a higher chance of divorce. I have two related theories on this.

The first is that men are supposed to do productive work. Past a bare minimum, housework is not productive. Unproductive work is a waste of time, and should only be done if you enjoy whatever unproductive work you’re doing (ex. Sports). If you don’t enjoy it, then you’re doing it because you’re a bitch. Deep down women get this, and will treat you accordingly.

The second is a response to a comment made over there.

Sorry, CH, but this time I believe that you have barked up the wrong tree.

Mainly, correlation is not causation, as you and many others have pointed out from time to time. The simpler explanation of the data is that women who are OK with doing all or most of the housework are ipso facto those that are less likely to dump their husbands, to begin with.
I know at least two marriages where the wife divorced their respective husbands at least largely over being sick of getting stuck with housework.
One of them involved my sister, the other a very good friend.
Now, there are probably counterexamples, but the “statistic” do not prove anything at all.

I don’t believe for a minute that any women would leave a man for not doing enough housework. That’s just a rationalization for some other issue because housework is all the work left over when a man’s work is done. If a man is doing housework, it’s because he can’t bring man’s work to the table.

Because honestly, a man’s work consists of yard work, mechanical work, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, hunting, farming, and of course, any real job work. Women do housework because they’re not really capable of doing a man’s work. Running game is also part of a man’s work, since women aren’t capable of sustaining that attraction on there own.


Your thoughts?

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