Cats Are Empowered by Their Ta-Tas


This is a perfect example of why women need validation. A little backstory: Mandy here has decided that exposing a fair amount of cleavage will leave men better able to focus on her mind. And, some comic con men, who might be lacking some social skills (go figure), keep focusing on her ta-tas. So she ended the conversation with:

“Being degraded is fun? That was unprofessional and I hope that isn’t your day job because you can’t interview for shit, my man.”

And they responded with silence, because what else would men who have no idea how to talk to women respond with? But even though she was,

feeling like the most badass motherfucker in the whole damn room” 

She still felt,

on the verge of tears.

Because the validation stopped. A woman who goes that far to get noticed, and does so in a socially awkward and male dominated scene like comic con, has to have validation. And that lack of validation almost crushed her. No worries, she can post it online and the internet comes to the rescue. You go, girl.


Your thoughts?

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