Junky Sex Versus Real Sex

Alright, so sex is fun. But, it’s fun for a purpose. And the purpose of sex is not to have fun, it’s to have babies. Sex is fun so that you’ll have more sex which hopefully leads to more babies. Having sex to make babies isn’t high on the priority list of a lot of people anymore. So, instead of having real sex, that is sex that you’re fine with leading to a baby, people have junky sex.

Junky sex is sex with no purpose other than sex. Like a junky drug addict gets high for no other purpose than to get high. It’s not a steroid user trying to get better at sports, or a some office worker downing coffee to make it through the day. It just a pointless rush of endorphins, just so you can tell other people you had a rush of endorphins.

A man might as well cut off his balls, if all he’s going for is junky sex. It doesn’t matter how many women you sleep with, if you’re not using your manhood for its purpose, what’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong, I still have sex. Even though I don’t necessarily want a kid right now, I’ll accept that outcome for any girl I fuck. I’m just a little more selective. But I’m not making it a lifestyle. It’s not all about my next hit. I have sex like I drink, with who I want, when I want. Junky sex is like an alcoholic trying to get drunk. You’re just trying to get someone to give you free shots because you’re poor, or you live for the “game,” or you just got something up your ass trying to get one over on the bar.

I still respect game, just not pointless game. If my wallet could cash the checks my dick can write, you better believe I’d be out there hitting it up every night. But, it can’t. And, sex with condoms just blows. It’s like getting a back massage through a fur coat. You could, but why?


2 thoughts on “Junky Sex Versus Real Sex

  1. “And, sex with condoms just blows. It’s like getting a back massage through a fur coat. You could, but why?”
    I agree about the sex requiring purpose. That’s why i don’t have the stomach for pump & dump. Not only do i not care for the emptiness of it, it actually feels like a chore to get to that point. Putting in all that work to score a new pussy every night, pussy you most certainly don’t care about, so why be a sensual casanova? Being a jackhammer does not interest me because i enjoy mutual pleasure and i can only do that with someone who qualifies to me and earns my respect. I don’t feel like rewarding a bar skank with a meaningful experience and firmly believe many women get the orgasms (or lack of) they deserve.

    • M3, the idea of it being a reward for them is definitely the way to look at.

      I also use the Child Support Test to determine if I’m going to sleep with a woman. Even though I might not want a kid right now, I have to be willing to pay to raise my kid if it happens. Which means she has to really push my buttons attraction wise, and I have to be able to get a read on her personality so I can guess how much she’ll try to milk me for if it doesn’t work out.

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