Don’t Neg If You Are Higher Status


The neg is something that has worked less and less as I get older. Back in college, before my first marriage, I used negs, or as David D called it, cocky comedy, as my primary game. And it worked. It got me damn near every woman I wanted, and got me married to a beautiful woman (at the time) and a decent marriage for the first couple years. But, they grew less effective as the marriage went on, and became much less effective after I started dating again after my divorce.

The only women they really worked on as I aged were those online that didn’t know anything about me (no pictures/background info) and strippers. I ended up dating one stripper who I had to neg constantly, and she loved it.* The reason why negs worked on her, and nobody else, is because strippers get more attention from guys than anyone, especially in the world’s biggest military town when they don’t do drugs and can portray the nice girl skit. This means they have status.

Negs are used to bring down her status, and elevate your own. You have to do it right, make it funny, but ultimately you’re trying to pierce her bubble, and let her know that you belong in it. They also imply a more long term thinking on your part, since you’re willing to tell it like it is, even if it means pissing her off a little. Girls definitely respond to this. So neg away if you’re young, skinny, fat, a bum, plain, in a club, etc. The only lower value men that women complain about are ones that can’t neg correctly, that is cocky and funny. And sometimes she’s just a bitch.

Don’t neg if you’re an athlete, rich, tall, attractive, older, in a position of power, etc. Basically, what’s your jungle status? Do you inspire fear, or do people just want to look at you and admire you? If you have status, and you neg, most girls shut down. Your status has to be higher than hers, but it can’t be too much higher or she won’t think she can keep you. Some girls will still be cool with sleeping with a higher status man, but a lot still know that getting the best father for their kids and husband for themselves is still a one shot deal. And once you start negging in a higher status position, you’ll keep pushing her farther away from any hope that it might work.

This took me awhile to figure out. I’d neg girls who I knew where below my league, because I was just going for a lay, and they would shut down and basically be unresponsive. I also knew what I was saying was funny, because I had been doing this for awhile. But I didn’t understand status game. With status game, you don’t necessarily complement, but you don’t bring down either. You just have normal conversation and physically tease and escalate as quickly as possible. It’s actually so simple that it’s easier to fuck up, but you just have to relax, and go at your pace.

*I didn’t know she was a stripper before I started dating her, and I wouldn’t date one again. I just figured that it would be a good learning experience, if nothing else, when I found out about her profession.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Neg If You Are Higher Status

  1. Does this mean that lower status males have an advantage over higher status ones? Will the same woman sleep with a lower status male who negs her but avoid a higher status male who makes the same neg?

    • Sometimes. It just means that if you’re high status, ie powerful, then she needs comfort to know that you’re not just going to throw her away. A neg is really just a way of showing power, in that, “I can say this thing to you without fear of repercussion because of the status I have that you did not know about previously.”

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