Indian Name Game


I really like this.

Freeboro:  @Sf64 and I were recently talking about a subtle way of negging women, something I’m not terribly good at.  He brought up a solution he has used and claimed that he’s never seen it fail and I should further test his hypothesis.  He went on to explain how he gives the women that he dates “Indian names”, the key to this is that these names are typically based on a persons characteristics.  He said if you come up with a fun, yet negging Indian name for a woman, and repeatedly call her that, she will actively try to change her Indian name.  He gave me some examples, but I’m not going to share them as you probably get the idea.

I’ve always had nicknames in any relationship I’ve been in, and the Indian name game seems especially effective. You can be more personal with a longer name, and it’s a more covert shared communication. It’s also a motivational tool.

I’ve got a girl who I want to send me pics, but she says she’s not that kind of girl.  So @Sf64 said “You should call her something like “All Talk No Pics” and see how it works.”  So, I did.  From then on, which was just a couple of days ago, I started calling her that.  Her response was “You can call me whatever you want babe, but I’m not doing that.”  I’d just laugh and carry on, but anytime I could call her that, I would, or I’d send her a text that said “ATNP”.  She’d just laugh it off and respond to me with “INTKOG”.

When it’s based on a behavior you view as unwanted, like ATNP, then once the behavior is changed, you change the name. Don’t continue with the name when she changes her behavior, otherwise, she gets no reward from changing her behavior. You should definitely have multiple names on the backburner to motivate her each time she does what you want.

It’s also effective because it’s a covert, shared communication between the two of you. And a big part of relationships is that it’s the two of you versus the world, and having your own communication is big step towards establishing this.


Your thoughts?

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