Be Useful


Roosh has post about how American Men Are The Best Slaves. I agree that they are, but I disagree that this is a bad thing.

You are only as important to other people as you are useful to them. It seems to be prevalent in the manosphere that being useful is bad. It’s not. It’s all there is. PUAs are useful to women because they satisfy emotional urges, and the more these techniques spread, the less useful any particular PUA is. Same thing with slaves. They’re useful because they do work, but their massas still need them. It just depends on how easily they’re replaced as to how they’re treated.

People don’t owe you a thing because of who you are. They owe you things because you’re useful to them. You have to be useful first, before you get paid and laid. And this means you will get taken advantage of. You will start out at the bottom. But, be useful, and rise to the top.

Women don’t owe you anything. Other men don’t owe you anything. Hell, your parents don’t owe you anything, it’s just that you’re useful to them because you pass their genes into the next generation, and helping you out helps them. It is just an embedded behavior, versus a learned one. But you’re still just being used.

This is the way of the world. Everyone gets used by other people. As long as you’re improving you’re situation by being used, or being useful, then you’ll do alright. Just look at Roosh. He’s stepped out of the main system, but he is still being an extremely useful man, he’s just useful to a particular group of people, men trying to up their game. And he is very good at this.


Your thoughts?

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