The Most Alpha Thing I Ever Did

When I was married, my ex-wife started staying out later and later playing pool. We would have fights when she came back, but I was still too blue pill to understand what was going on. No way she would cheat on me, she would leave me first if she wasn’t happy. Nope. But, I didn’t try to see what was going on, just shuffling forward in beta oblivion.

We left to visit family for the holidays. We drove halfway across the country to visit my family, then drove back to visit hers. We stopped at a hotel to rest for a couple hours and then see her family on Christmas Eve. I started trying initiate sex, when she straight up told me, “I don’t want to have sex with you.”

First time this had ever happened in the relationship. She’d never given me the headache excuse, the too tired excuse, nada.

And then all her behaviors clicked. So, my next response was, “It’s over. I’m done with this.”

I’m sure her family thought I was a total douche bag, especially because of how she spun stories and the fact
that we were still almost a thousand miles from home.

But, I knew the score, and she knew I knew the score.


2 thoughts on “The Most Alpha Thing I Ever Did

  1. Not to say there weren’t problems in the marriage (since she was staying out late having fun and kept doing so even though it bothered you), but the moment you start bringing up that “red pill” bullshit she and every other woman out there are better off without you.

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