Dress Like A Douche

This has been harped on a lot in the ‘sphere, and if you still have qualms about it, do some pushups. At least that way you’ll be as strong as a douche, even if you don’t have the pair to pull it off. 

The next best thing to being liked, is to be actively disliked. It’s science. You have to get some emotional reaction. If you get no reaction, no tingle. Whether it’s a watch or just a scarf, you want to show girls you have something that can light their emotional fire. Maybe you’ll even get lucky, and she’ll open you. If not, she has at least been paying attention to you when you showed up in her vicinity.

Mystery called it peacocking, because that’s what males do, we display. And displaying like everybody else means you’re displaying nothing. Figure out the look that the girls you’re interested in go for. Then get that look.

And don’t worry about what any other man thinks about your look. If the person is not paying you, and you’re not interested in having sex with them, they’re just shit testing you to bring down the competition. Unless it’s a Jumpmaster who just JMPI’d you and says you’re fucked up. Then you might want to listen.

Don’t forget that no matter how alpha or badass you think you are, you’re still an accessory when you’re out with a woman. Yeah, she may like you for what you two do alone, but she wants you to make her look good when you’re out with her. This comes back to knowing what style she likes, because if she can brag on you when her girlfriends see you, that’s just one less thing you have to worry about.


Your thoughts?

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