Learn to Read People

Facial expressions are the key to dealing with people you don’t know. Learn what they are and how to read them. Paul Ekman is the first man you should read on this. Read both Telling Lies, and Emotions Revealed. Not only will these help you out in any dealings you have with women, they’ll help with everything you do in life. 

He also has a thing called F.A.C.E. Training. Get the METT-Advanced training. It’s $69, and well worth the money. I re-take the training about every 6 months. It makes conversations with women a lot more illuminating than they used to be. It can also be annoying at times, because a girl that’s into you will flash emotions across her face like a light show at a rave. But, it’s definitely better to pay attention to her face then her words. And, you can constantly amuse yourself when you’re out in public, which means no more looking like a worthless, needy tool playing on your smart phone.

And, watch Lie to Me on Netflix. Yeah, it’s incredibly contrived, and the matrix speak can be strong at times, but it’s still a great learning experience. Your emotions might not be important to you, since as a man you should have clearly defined rational goals, but you better believe they’re the most important thing to whatever woman you’re talking to. And if it’s important to her, you might want to make sure you catch what’s going on.


Your thoughts?

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