Keep The Hamster In Check

I dated a stripper once. I met her in real life, found out she was a stripper later. Though now I can spot any stripper a mile away, no matter what situation it is. Anyways, she already had just about everything a woman could want, money, house, lots of fit, athletic guys hitting on her, etc. So me bringing any of that to the table would not have differentiated me from every other guy out there. What I did, though, was keep her hamster in check. Because that is what this whole uncaring asshole vibe is about, you’re keeping her hamster in check. Now, it’s not that you don’t care about her, it’s that she can’t hurt your feelings, because you’re the man.

So, you give her doses of reality in entertaining ways when you can, aka cocky and funny, or in icy cold water splashes when you have to by being an asshole. Either way, you’re still giving her a drug she doesn’t get from every other guy, normal. And when you never get normal, that’s what you crave. Giving her normal is the most important thing, more important then whatever you think makes her happy. This is where most guys screw up. A normal girl would want all the gifts and money the stripper has, while the stripper may not want to give these things up, she still craves normal. And that’s what I gave her. Replace stripper with any ridiculously hot girl, and the same game applies.

Dating a stripper should be a requirement for any aspiring alpha. It’s definitely not a long term thing, but you will learn a great deal about women, but even more about other men. Because strippers have stories, and when you’re her man, she’ll tell you all about the rest of the tools in the world.


Your thoughts?

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