The Difference Between Men And Women

This is an incredibly fit woman who weighs 115 pounds.

This is an incredibly fit man who weighs 132 pounds.

With just 17 more pounds of body weight, the man lifts 600 versus 235 pounds. That’s a whole lot of weight. There are no GI Janes in real life.

As a man, you have to internalize this knowledge. You have to know what you bring to the table as a man. You have to realize that the only way a woman can fuck with your life is through another man. Ex-wife is taking your money? No. A man is taking your money, and giving it to your ex-wife. Approach anxiety because some little girl will hurt your feelings? No. Approach anxiety is because some little girl might know a man that could hurt your body.

Know what you can do as a man, and never forget it.

*Also, if you don’t deadlift, start now.


Your thoughts?

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