The Manosphere’s Biggest Lies

The Social Pathologist has a good post on what he calls femogamy, but I’ll stick with calling it polygamy. Basically, many men in the manosphere are pissed off that nobody likes them because they’re fat (basically), and they think that they should be accepted as is, because it’s hurts their little feelings when people call them out on being fat.

Anyways, the first big lie is that hypergamy is a moral decision of women, instead of a natural impulse. It’s the same as a guy wanting to sleep with as many nubile young women as possible. Both of these are actually working towards the same goal, which is all the women with one man. But, society had placed rules, or at least had not corrupted the minds of parents and limited their influence over their own kids, on the these impulses. The reason being, that while these impulses must be controlled, they are useful and have become incredibly powerful because of the forces that they had to work against to be expressed. But these constraining forces are gone, on both hypergamy and polygamy. And in both cases, a lot of men lose.

While game can be learned, the bottom line is it’s still the cream of crop that take the majority of women when these constraints are unleashed. And becoming a walking human penis that can fuck every every girl in sight might sound like a good mating strategy, it’s hard to pull off in reality, and you’re kids will still have to work. It’s comes back to whether you’re a junkie, or you care about and understand legacy.

The second big lie is that men have more sexual control then women. Bullshit. Men just have to work harder to get sex, so they think they have more control. No, they don’t. Look at gay men, which is male sexuality unleashed. Diseases left and right. Or, since most people reading this don’t swing that way, look at men who went from no female attention to women throwing themselves at them.

gal_tiger-woods-women1Boom, sleeping with every girl in sight. And how many men would behave differently in Tiger’s situation? Not a whole hell of a lot.

Seriously, what do all these new found PUA types think is going to to happen when all you do is try to sleep with as many women as possible? Do you really think you’re better than some hypergamous gold digging whore, who helped make you into what you are today? “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you.” At least Roissy is honest about this just being good for him, but not everybody else.

But, there is progress.


Your thoughts?

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