Fight Like A Man, Even If You Can’t Win

You don’t have to be able to win a fight with another man to keep him from fighting you, you just have to let him know that you will fight, and it’s going to cost him dearly to achieve victory. If you’re going for top tier females, you have to know how to, and be willing to, fight. You can’t go around busting heads with everyone that hits on your girl, but they have to know you can, and more importantly she has to know you can. Sometimes you have to fight to make a statement.

This has cost me relationships in the past. I used to be of the mindset that no girl is worth fighting for, that there is always another girl around the corner. And there is always another girl around the corner. However, you’ll never keep a girl you won’t fight for. And you’ll have to accept the consequences that come with fighting for a girl. But if you want the best, you have to be able to keep your girl when other men come calling.

Having said that, most fights are won before they’re started. It’s the hours of lifting, martial arts training, stretching, posture, and proper mindset that set the tone. Rarely will you have to fight, but you better be ready when you have to. Sometimes you’re just going to lose, just make your whupping worth it. She better be worth it before you fight, and you will need experience with a variety of women before you can tell you have one worth fighting for.

Besides the child support test, I have another, vulgar reasoning before I will pursue a girl. That is, I have to be willing to fuck her right there, in the open, and be willing to fend off any guy that wants to stop it. That’s the mindset I go in with, because if she’s not worth that, she’s not worth my time.

Be warned from the other side, if you’re the one bringing it to take some hottie from another guy, she’s yours when you win. And by yours, I mean she will attach herself to you and be that little super feminine she-devil that all these herbs say they want.

I’m using herb for guys that have found the manosphere, taken the red pill, but still act like little bitches. Or like spam bots, as Bronan the Barbarian calls them, in the most hilarious ‘sphere post to date.


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