Her SMV Goes With Her When She Travels, Yours Does Not

There’s a huge difference in the ability of each sex to transfer their sexual market value from one social group to another. A beautiful woman, with few exceptions, is beautiful everywhere. It doesn’t matter where a 10 goes, she’s still a 10. With men, not so much.

I was as close to a 10 as I could be in college. Incredibly fit, played rugby and did muay thai kickboxing, president of my fraternity, biology major on my way to med school. Well, I managed to crap my rank down the toilet at the tail end of my college career and graduation. I got married so I didn’t go to med school because I knew how hard it was on relationships. Tore out the screws and pins holding my shoulder together, and after another round of surgery, I didn’t want to deal with the pain when I worked out, so I got fat. I didn’t know about shit tests at the time so I isolated myself from family and friends to try to make my relationship work. Then I moved to a completely new state with no contacts, I got my first office/lab job which I sucked at, since I’m not exactly a sycophant bee, and promptly got fired when my probation period was up.

So, I was fat, unemployed, no friends and no family close by, and BPD’d into a lost beta since I had no relationship game at all. Sexual market value, gone. It took me more than 7 years to fully recover from that.

I say this to illustrate how group dependent male social status is. There are some traits that do transfer, like height, attractiveness, posture, physical fitness, and basic game. But status does not. And social status, combined with the other traits, is the only way to truly set your sexual market value at the high end of the scale. Social status is developed by long term relationships with other people, primarily by being useful to them, but inspiring respect and fear at the same time. This takes a great deal of effort and time to achieve.

When you’re young, in your teens and early twenties, focus on developing your status in social groups that you will still be a part of when you’re old. If your friends are unambitious, drugged out losers when you’re young, you’ll either become an old unambitious drugged out loser, or you’ll drop your friends and have to develop social status all over again. If you go to college, choose a college, and an organization (like a fraternity), that has strong alumni involvement, because these are social bonds you can keep over a lifetime. Every social group you are a part of, look at the spread of ages involved in it. If everyone is your age, that group probably won’t last, and you’ll have to start over when you’re older, when finding social groups is harder.

When I was young, I tried to find the best place in the world. Now that I’m older, I’ve just found my place in the world.


Your thoughts?

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