Condoms Are Disrespectful


I’m assuming that you already have basic game here. If not, read Roosh and Heartiste. Once you have basic game, and you don’t have to slink your way into a girl’s pussy to get your dick wet (or not wet, if you’re wearing a condom), you have to realize condoms are a sign of disrespect to you as a man. Any girl that insists on you wearing a condom is saying she’s not sure about your health, because you might be a disease ravaged dead man walking, or she just doesn’t think you’re man enough to have her carry your seed.

I’m not like a lot of bloggers her, my main goal is kids with the highest quality woman I can find and the means to raise them to the best of my ability. If that is not your goal, then most of what I write won’t apply to you. But, if that is your goal, a woman that insists you wear a condom is saying that you don’t measure up to your own life goals. And if you’re willing to go raw, then you better know that you measure up to your own goals. But she disagrees. So, unless she’s a virgin, which should be what you’re looking for, it’s time for the unapologetic next.

*This post inspired by danny. Girls like it raw.


Your thoughts?

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