Get Some Muscle

I am in fairly good shape. I’m not going to win any bodybuilding events since I don’t gear, but I do have a lot of muscle on my frame. And I can tell a huge difference when I walk around and interact with people.

I greet most people I walk by during the day and since I’ve really started focusing on building muscle and watching my diet, people have just started vomiting words out of their mouths. Now, some people are naturally friendlier than others, but I get full stories from people as I walk by. It’s not necessarily that people like you when they start talking rapid fire, it’s just that they think there is a status imbalance and they have to talk to fill it. And having higher status is the easiest way to develop attraction from women.

Part of this is the greeting, which I say whenever I make eye contact, even if it’s twenty feet away. The further it is, the more imbalance they feel, and the longer story I get. But even this didn’t happen as much before I started really putting muscle on my frame. So put some muscle on your frame, you don’t have to be completely stacked just aim for better than 80% of other men. Eighty percent should be your goal in all things males compete in. Not everyone can be number one, but if you bust your ass then being better than 4 out 5 other guys is doable. Pickup game is the easiest to reach 80%, then relationship game, then fitness, then money. Focus on all four.

Everyone will have a different workout, just make sure you lift heavy squat and deadlift to go along with full body workouts. I personally like Starting Strength for illustrating good form, but there are a lot of resources. I do a full body lifting workout twice a week, and crossfit style workouts three times a week, with heavy
cleans and deadlift during the latter. Here is my twice weekly body workout:

Squat: 10-10-8-6-4
Barbell Calf Raises: 4×10
Shoulder Shrugs: 4×10
Alt Pull-ups/Dips: 4 sets, max reps each time
Alt Roman Chair Sit-ups/Back Extensions: 4 sets, max reps each time
Alt Dumbell Row/Dumbell Bench: 4×15/10 (I use different reps because I use the same weight for quickness)
Alt Dumbell Curls/Standing Dumbell Shoulder Press: 4×10
Windshield Wipers: 4 sets, max reps each time (you hold onto a pullup bar, and wash a windshield with your legs)
Alt Pullup Hold/Bent Dip Hold: 2 sets, max time
Alt Thumb Roll/Four Finger Roll/Finger Tip Twist 4 sets, max time

I rest a minute between single exercises, and just rotate without rest for the alternating exercises.


Your thoughts?

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