Fraternities aka The Real Life Manosphere



Fraternities are the manosphere in real life. Men living and learning from other men. They have gotten a bad rap over the years, but what manly institution hasn’t? There is no better place to learn how to work together with other men. I ran game in my fraternity before I even knew what game was.  No promises, no lies, just fun.  I also pushed other guys to talk to women. Literally, I would grab them, kick them in the ass so they ran into the girl they wanted to talk to. And nothing gets rid of approach anxiety like a swift kick in the ass.

It wasn’t just about the women either. The most memorable moments I have were actual guys only events. When we would have initiations, pledge events, or summer work weekends where we would fix the house. It was the whole spectrum of male activities, rolled up into one place. It’s the only time in my life I really had this, and I’m still friends with most of the men I went to school with. I go back when I can, and try to spread a little knowledge to the actives around the house.

I would recommend the experience to any young person going to college (it’s harder to do if you’re older). Besides figuring out whether you like the guys, there are two important questions to answer. First, how are alumni involved, and second, who takes care of and repairs the house? More personal alumni involvement (not just donations) usually means that the worst proclivities of the testosterone filled male are chilled with adult involvement, or basically, the guys are less likely to be raging dickheads. The second, who takes care of and repairs the house, is because guys that don’t contract out all the house work, but instead keep things going with their own sweat, will care a lot more about their fraternity, and are less likely to be raging dickheads.


Your thoughts?

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