Start a Bromance

wall pushup

A bromance is one of the best things you can do to improve your life. For those of you that don’t know, a bromance is a platonic relationship with another man, usually in the form of friendly competition. The manosphere is a form of group bromance. So are sports teams that you play for, not watch on television. Bromances only work for activities where you and your bro are competitive, but neither one of you has a decisive advantage. Just look at how science and engineering tailed off in United States after the Soviet Union collapsed and ruined the bromance.

One of my current bromances is my crossfit workout partner. He’s bigger than me, but we both have certain exercises that each of us are better at. I’m better at power exercises like cleans, squat, and deadlift. He’s better at pullup bar work and core strength. So we push each other, not only to work harder with what we’re doing, but to do lifts that we really wouldn’t do on our own. And we motivate each other through competition.

He came up with the motivational term, “pweazing,” for pussy-weazing. If one of us is struggling, the other will say something like, “Do you need a pweazing break?” or “Do you need a man to do that for you? Just say pretty, pretty pweaze.” We both get better because we build off each other through competition, always trying to top the other, but neither one of us ever achieves more than a temporary victory.

Be warned, the first thing many women will do when they enter your life is to isolate you from your bromances. Do not let this happen. All bromances should be started and ended of your accord, not hers. She will be sneaky about this, mainly through snide remarks about your bro’s. It’s not that it’s bro’s before ho’s, it’s that it’s your decision on how to spend your time, not hers. You lead the way in your relationship, she follows.


Your thoughts?

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