Your Potential Stops When You Marry

Other than Athol Kay, who developed MMSL precisely because of problems in his marriage, if you get married you will not accomplish anything that isn’t a basic continuation of what you’re doing now. You may have a good job, and you may have kids you are proud of, but you will not become exceptional. I’m not against marriage, even though the current divorce situation is one sided, it’s just that a woman will never support you if you change.

She wants what attracted her in the first place, and then just more of the same. She does not want to wait on you to try something new, she does not want to be with you if your career consumes you. Everything exceptional you must accomplish before you get married. I say this as a warning to those of you that have dreams, because once you get married, or really get in any relationship with a woman, your dreams are gone. Make sure you’ve accomplished what you’ve wanted to accomplished. And don’t get married out of college, unless you have a worker bee life planned out and you’re happy with that lifestyle.

Having said that, kids are cool. After I’ve done what I need to do, I want kids. Just not yet.


Your thoughts?

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