Understand Sex Rank

You have to understand sex rank, for both males and females. This is especially important if you’re watching PUA videos to get better at game. It’s not just about what game the guy spits out, it’s also about how tall is, how fit is he, what’s his posture, what’s he wearing, how attractive he is, and how much these matter to a woman.

I saw these videos on theantifeminist via M3.

In the first, Scotty is hitting on a girl who is cute…in the face…and has nice curves…which would look a lot better if she lost some weight. She’s a 5, give or take personal preference. Now, Scotty is decent height, fit with broad shoulders*, dressed like a douchebag**, which makes him stand out and he is completely congruent with this look. He also has an attractive face (no homo), and a natural uncaring asshole expression, and as shown in the second video, good game. At minimum, he’s an 8.

So, when he hits on the 5, she knows that she is not his natural level. It’s like a beautiful russian supermodel talking to a normal guy out of nowhere, and she wants to take you to special bar where you buy her champagne. So, this woman is on the defensive, notices another guy intensely interested in the conversation, and calls the cops because she gets scared.

This is a normal reaction. A low sex rank girl will only be available to a legitimately higher (2-3 points) sex rank guy in special circumstances, when he’s wasted, or when he’s tall, rich, attractive, fit etc., but has no real game, bringing him down closer to her level, but still giving her something she can use/show off. It’s counter intuitive, but achieving a high status, both with micro and macro game (see Badger’s comment here), limits your options in women, its just that those options are better.

The second video shows Scotty hitting on an 8. This works out well.

*Broad shoulders are the most important asset you can build in the weight room for attracting women, not your biceps.

**Also, wearing dog tags outside your shirt will get you AMOG’d in certain areas…because many individuals consider it a green light to fuck with you.


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