Book Review: A Gold Diggers Guide


I read A Gold Diggers Guide by Baje Fletcher awhile back, kind of a know your adversary type of thing. Gold digging is the ultimate girl game, where a woman extracts resources from men without giving sex. Resources don’t just have to be gold, but can be time, protection, fixing things, etc. Gold digging is the counter point to the ultimate guy game, where a man gets sex from women without giving resources. And Baje tells women how to play girl game.

A lot of the book is like a lot of male game books, in that you need to improve yourself. A girl still needs to get fit, be confident, work hard, etc, it’s just with that extra focus on getting what women are born to want, resources from men. Just like men are born to want sex from women, and game books tell you to improve yourself and then add that little focus. Both gold diggers and players focus on developing all of the right behaviors to give the illusion that the other side is going to to get what they want without actually giving it to them. There is no difference, morally, between them, except that they have different goals and methods to achieve them.

I’d recommend reading it, and other girl game books for the same reason that I recommend PUA books to women, you have to know your competition, primarily to know when you’re getting played. Most women are not trying to play you, but if you make yourself an easy target, then diggers will find you and use you for gold. Even if a girl had no intention of using you when she met you, if she can, she probably will. I know I’ve slept with more than my share of women because they made it too easy, and I figured, why not? Women will do the same with your resources, so don’t make it easy.

Now, don’t go getting all hateful and spiteful just by thinking a women might use you. It’s just the way the game is played. Just be aware how the game is played, and focus on what you want. They’re tied to their biology and upraising just as much as we are, and they’re just trying to find their happy ending, or some approximation to it. No one cares about your happy ending, unless they need to help you to get theirs.

If it makes you feel better, you can look at it this way, no matter how much gold a digger gets, or how many women a player sleeps with, if neither one of them has children, they might as well be celibate nuns and priests for all they’ve accomplished.


Your thoughts?

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