LJBF on Facebook is Still Worthless


LJBF has been beaten to death in the sphere, but this comment by doclove over at the Honest Courtesan really puts it in perspective:

The simple fact is that for heterosexual men, a platonic relationship/ friendship except for family or business with a woman offers no more in value than a platonic relationship/ friendship with a man with very few exceptions. Often if not most of the time a platonic relationship/ friendship with a man will be more beneficial to the heterosexual male.

Friendships are about both people getting reciprocal value from each other, and men don’t get this value from being friends with women. No woman can offer you the friendship that a man can, but you can provide her with everything she wants in a friendship. This is why guys that get LJBF are rightly viewed as suckers, because they let themselves get a raw deal.

I will put my life on the line for my friends, and they will do the same for me. That’s friendship. Every one else is an acquaintance, including all the non familial women in my life.

There cannot be a structural imbalance in your relationships, especially with friends. They have to get back what they put in, as well as you have to get back what you put in. We all make each other’s lives better.

A practical example is to whittle down your Facebook friends. I am not friends with any women I have fucked, or will fuck. The only women I have as “FB friends” are family, significant others of my male friends (and very few of these), and women that I derive a professional benefit from. That’s it. You’re still a LJBF sucker even if it’s just on FB.

I’ve done some other things to make my FB useful instead of a time sink. First, there are no LJBF girls on my FB. Second, I have no friends that I haven’t seen in the past year, and won’t see in the next year, unless they’re family, *close* childhood friends, *close* fraternity brothers, or I have productive back and forth conversations with them on FB. And finally, no matter who the person is, if I don’t get value from their FB friendship, for example they post a 2 to 1 ratio of worth less status updates, or they never update themselves except for married/divorced, they’re gone. I know a lot of people, and I only let people into my life that add value.


Your thoughts?

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