Cheetah Tired

Cheetah Tired

One of my goals on dynamic movement/crossfit days is to get cheetah tired at multiple points during the workout. Cheetahs get so worn out when chasing prey, that they reach a point where they have to just sit there, and stop moving. It doesn’t matter what is going on around them, they’re basically toast until they cool down a little. This is my goal.

The main exercises I use to do this are Prowler* sprints and burpee pullups. The Prowler is basically a sled that you push around the gym floor. My buddy and I do 25 meters down, 25 meters back, roll out of the way (because at this point I can’t walk) and alternate for 4-5 sets. Cheetah tired each time. You can also use a rope and reel it in for 25 meters one direction, then push back.

The burpee pullup is my favorite exercise overall. I will do 100 burpee pullups, in sets of 15, with a final 10, at least 2 times a week, and sometimes up to 4. After a couple sets, I have to grab a set of box jumps or another piece of equipment just to stop from falling over. This is what I’m going for, because after you get used to pushing yourself to get cheetah tired, trivial problems in life disappear.

There are a couple caveats to getting cheetah tired. First, you have to get in shape to get cheetah tired. Pushing yourself this hard without a modicum of physical fitness can be dangerous, so work up to it. Second, wanting to puke comes along with being cheetah tired. Make sure you have a trash can handy until you know your body’s limits. And finally, use chalk between each set of burpee pullups, otherwise your hands will bleed.

This is the burpee pullup.

*Danger and Play and Bronan the Barbarian are also fans of the Prowler.


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