Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Own Blood

Blood sport


I have a lot of scars and to get these scars I’ve had to do a fair amount of bleeding. And I’ve never gotten laid at a higher rate than after I got hurt and started bleeding. If I was in a relationship, then the woman would basically rape me when she saw the blood glistening. If I wasn’t in a relationship, then if I was around a woman that was even remotely interested in me, she’d get close, do the whole ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ thing, and it was on.

I honestly think that you bleeding just brings on a massive shit test, and it’s one of the few that involves whether you’ll have sex or not. Because if you can fuck her senseless when you’re hurt and bleeding, then you’re a man that can push through pain and do whatever needs to be done. Because a man that is in too much pain (but not sick) to have sex is seen as weak.

You can’t whine or bitch when you’re bleeding. It sucks, it hurts, but be a man about it. The sex is going to be way more fun for her, just push through the pain, like when you’re playing sports or lifting. Because once you’re done, you get useless time, where you get to be useless and just lay around, while she feeds you and takes care of you. Depending on how bad you’re hurt, you can play this out for a couple days while she purrs like a kitten, as long as you give her a good fuck when she’s feeling frisky.


Your thoughts?

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