Reset Button



Women have several particular talents that men don’t, one of these being the ability to hit the relationship reset button. This has come in quite handy throughout history, with women being viewed as the spoils of war and having to adapt to new male companionship quickly. Not to mention the much higher overall death rate, where women need new men often even outside of war.

However, this adaptive behavior comes with some peculiar problems when you’re in a relationship with a woman. They can’t turn the reset button off. One of these is the constant need for validation. “Do you love me?” “Do you think I’m beautiful?” And all the rest. Because they truly do keep hitting reset, no matter if the man changes or not. They have to know that you still care about them.

This is also why a woman can ruthlessly leave a man after 20 years of marriage with no regrets. She’s still hitting the reset button, and he didn’t measure up. There are a lot of societal issues at play, with no fault divorces and alimony, but a lot of it is still proper screening on the man’s part, and appropiate manly behavior during the relationship. Every man she has been with before you is compared when she hits the reset button. That’s why virginity is prized, it provides reset button protection.

Second, you have to continue to be of value to have a relationship with. She has to measure up to your standards, but you don’t hit the reset button all the time. The only time a man really hits the reset button is due to infertility on his wife’s part, or a drastic decrease in her sexual market value. Back to her reset button, it’s always going to happen. Be prepared, and keep your game straight. It’s natural, so problem solve.


Your thoughts?

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