Types of Women By Notch Count



The carousel rider.
These women have tried to kiss the sky, and been brutally burned. They’ve learned to settle for repeated bad sex, or good sex with no second helpings. No woman wants to be just fucked randomly on the weekends. If she has good sex, she wants to keep having sex with that same guy. And even though men love sex, especially with new women, the carousel rider can’t even get a quality lay to come back just to fuck her. She’s only a notch, and she’ll always be a notch.
You can spot her by the intense, false bravado she puts on when she’s in the spotlight, but fleeting expressions of sadness will cross her face while she scans the room. And if you can catch her when she thinks no one is looking, you will see the slumped shoulders and downcast eyes of defeat. These women are usually 7’s and below, and are always an alpha widow. I can fuck these women at will, but I’ve rarely chosen to. And alcohol was the main contributing factor.
The siren, serial monogamist.
These women have an intense joy of life, and living in the moment. These women have by far the best girl game, because they love falling in love. The relationship will be intense and consuming. They will be seductive, voluptuous, and settle for nothing but the best in game. They are enchanting but honest, and while they never fall in love expecting it to end, it will when the fire dies down.
Because the fire will die down, because few men have the patience, desire, and resources, to continuously game these women at the same level as they first wooed them. But, many other men will, because a siren is nothing if not universally attractive. They can be spotted by their complete lack fear. They live in a different world from other women, continuously taken care of by almost all the men they meet. These women are 8’s and above. They are also the easiest woman for me to game, because they are the only women where it truly is a game, and a wonderfully natural one at that.
The gold digger, serial monogamist.
I don’t mess with gold diggers. Making prodigious amounts of money has never been my forte, so they don’t really mess with me, either. They are brutally cunning, and by far the most logical and intelligent of women. They can be spotted by the questions they ask, their muted response to game, and their extremely transactional approach to life. Their attractiveness is all over the scale, because they are the most logical of women, they know how to use what the have, and adjust their sights accordingly.
The monogamist.
These women want a man, and they want him forever. They are attracted to game, but combine this with much of the logic of a gold digger. They’ve wanted all of their relationships to work out, but occasionally chose the wrong man by mistake. If a women shows absolutely no interest in me, or scares the crap out of me with crazy eyes, she’s most likely a monogamist. A monogamist without a man, or with the wrong man, is like a starving lioness. She is on the prowl, and is incredibly dangerous. She’ll trap you before you know what happened. These women are also all over the scale, and I tend to game them unintentionally, and pay the consequence.
The virgin.
The virgin has a willingness to please that no other women has. She has never experienced true womanly anger, because a women can never be as angry at anyone as she can at a man who’s fucked her. Her emotions will vacillate incredibly rapidly, from eagerness, to happiness, to shyness, and back when she is into you. Whatever bravado or girl game she displays initially will quickly disappear when you’ve passed her previous comfort zone.
You must lead a virgin, because she truly doesn’t know what to do. However, there is nothing like a no with a virgin, only a not yet. If you are patient, and lead her as man truly should, there is nothing she won’t do for you. I didn’t really like virgins when I was younger, because they’re so much damn work. As I get older, the work becomes easier, and I value the payoff that comes with it.

6 thoughts on “Types of Women By Notch Count

  1. this is the most underrated blog in the manosphere! Seems the masses prefer engaging in mental masturbation and bashing mericun-fat chics while spotting the alpha males on a photo. Glad I found you blog , very graphic (liked the statistics and studies very much ) simple and no-bullshit! Thank you for your work! Really appreciate it:

  2. me again , was reading your blog and dissapointed it ended with page six. Like after a very good movie that feels to end abruptly.
    As a Christian I can´t but admire your wisdom. You hit the nail with ,,Junky sex´´ and other brilliant articles. I feel yet again my faith confirmed.
    Marry a virgin , no condoms no promiscuity , the man leads the woman follows.
    We are told these thruths told from birth , we have it so easy. Yet we are no better than others.
    Atheists who come to the same conclusion are, for me personally , the most wise people in the world.

    Respect man. Keep it up!
    -random citizen

  3. me yet again. What is the shild support test you speak of ? ,, Do you like kids ? Do you want to have a family ?´´

    many start a blog but dismiss it as soo as there aren´t enough views or comments for them thinking it´s wothless. Don´t be that external validation seeking kind of human! People are reading. We are not many but we appreciate it. In fact , being someone who very rarely comments, I posted a comment because nobody else posted thinking MAYBE you MIGHT need some encouragement.

    • Klear1, I’ll give you a post on the Child Support Test.

      We all seek a little external validation. I do this because I think I’ve learned some useful things in my life, and I’d like other people to be able to use them as well. So yeah, the comments do provide some motivation, knowing that someone is learning from what I wrote.

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