The Child Support Test

So, Klink1 wanted to know more about the Child Support Test I mentioned awhile back. It’s my baseline criteria for sleeping with a woman. I’m not sure of the legalities in most countries, but in the U.S., if you have a child with a woman, and she can prove that it’s yours, then you owe her child support for 18 years, until that child becomes an adult.



Well, my personal goal is to have kids, and I hate having sex with condoms, so the chance of me having kids when I have sex is fairly high. I know I’m shooting live bullets, for various reasons. I’m not a big believer in waiting until marriage — or really, more than three meetups — to have sex, either.

So, I use the The Child Support Test. I’ve slept with enough women, been in relationships with enough woman, and have enough married and divorced friends, to get a good handle on the relationship qualities of a woman fairly quickly. Basically, I have to be able to deduce that if she gets pregnant, and a relationship with her doesn’t pan out, what kind of mom would she be to a kid who’s parents are separated.

Because over half of all marriages don’t work out, and I’m not going to wait that long to have sex, so I have to take into account what happens in the case of failure. And if I wouldn’t want to pay her child support for 18 years, because I think she’d be a bad mom or a short sighted gold digger, then I won’t sleep with her.

Her level of hotness is factored into this, but does not change anything to do with the bad mom/gold digger issues. What it does have to deal with, is that if she is beautiful, and maintains a lifestyle of proper diet and exercise, then I’m more likely to sleep with her even if I may have doubts about our relationship panning out. Because a beautiful woman is much more likely to attract a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) man to provide for her, and any kids I might have had with her. She still has to come off as good mom, far sighted about money woman, though.

The Child Support Test is how I account for possible failure. I want to have kids, and I want to raise them as their father while living with their mother, because I believe that is by far the best home life a child can have. But shit happens, so I want to be prepared.


2 thoughts on “The Child Support Test

  1. Thank you , I really appreciate it. You have a really unique insight,Saved under folder,, ManosphereTHEbestof ´´
    As for your blog as a whole ; if you want mass appreciation ; there are numerous articles on how to run a blog that draws people to it ( saw a good linke 2 days a go can´t find it now sry ). I myself stubled upon it by pure coincidence ; randomly browsed an article of Heartiste , randomly scrolled down , saw comments , saw you condradicting s , totally agreed , clicked your name and BOOM!
    The problem is there are so many blogs it consumes far too much time to read them all . Consequently the established ones have the masses the others go down. Sadly it all boils down to a collective mental masturbation. Engaing in it is very satisfying for the masses. The gurus say what they have already said in 2008 , the other ,,lesser´´ gurus referece them and say it again. The mediocre blogs repeat it wrapped under their ,,opinion´´. The follwers ,, ahh and ohh´-to it like sheeple. A vicious cycle.
    And Gurus post almost every day. I see no way they can have a established , sucessful life or even an ,, player´´ life as they claim. You can almost establish psychological portraits of all of them by reading their posts. You on the other side where a bottle of water in the desert for me.

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