Let Her (or Him) Hamsterbate Your Way to Success


I’ve been experimenting with this for awhile, which is trying to see how much influence I can exert over people through just body movements and posture. I read the book What Every Body is Saying, and really started experimenting with different postures at work, and trying to see what other people’s bodies were saying. The book itself isn’t particularly mind blowing, it just really helped me be able to quickly recognize and categorize other people’s behavior, much better than before.

And while doing this I recognized the true effectiveness of another behavior. While I was standing or sitting, considering the implications of my posture, which was usually dominant, and then looking out how the person I was talking to was standing or sitting, they would become more submissive and talkative. And as they would become submissive, I would generally look slightly quizzical, but still maintain my posture, and they would become even more submissive and talkative.

I could watch them slowly hamsterbate themselves into submission, purely from my posture and lack of response. The dominance increased while I was silent. Now, you generally can’t pause for more than 3-4 seconds when they’re done speaking, to reply, but the effect was striking. And it worked for both my superiors and subordinates.

And so, I really started using this in my interactions with women. As I mentioned before, my goals with women involve making new helpless little primates, and my living situation is about to drastically change, so I’m not trying to escalate to a F close at the moment. But, I still love talking to attractive women, and I had some experiments to run. It worked beautifully.

Women’s minds work even quicker than their mouths do, so when you hesitate to consider your and her relative body position, her hamster goes crazy. Plus, the look of a man thinking about the three dimensional placement is completely different than the “I want to fuck you” meat stare, or the hopeless “I desperately need you and would be happy getting friendzoned” puppy dog look. Which drives women crazy, since very few women possess good spatial reasoning skills, and they can’t understand that look.

Which made me realize, that almost every time in my past relationships, when a woman asked me, “What are you thinking?” I was almost always doing some sort of spatial reasoning in my head. So the question always annoyed the shit out of me, because I knew she could never fully grasp what I was thinking, and it would be a pain in the ass to explain without diagrams.

Which brings it all back to this quote by Leap of Beta:

The best thing a man can do for his game is to avoid anti-game manouvers, and shutting the hell up goes a long way to avoiding such things.

It’s much easier to shut the hell up when you have something interesting to think about.


5 thoughts on “Let Her (or Him) Hamsterbate Your Way to Success

  1. Would you recommend what every body is saying? I’m probably between beginner and moderate on my knowledge of body language, which I’m finding hard to break through.

    Also, if a woman interrupts your thinking, while annoying, I have learned its an indicator of interest. I usually will reward her with either a question that will lead into what I was thinking about or a complete non-sequitor question (what do you dream? Is most common, can lead to aspirations or to talks of sleeping dreams). Doing so keeps you mysterious, keeps her invested, and is fun as hell.

    This is good stuff though man. I love gaming the shit out of coworkers. Its far more amusing and rewarding than gaming women; which is probably why I’m better at it

    • I would definitely recommend What Every Body is Saying. My Kindle has made me smarter in the last year than damn near anything in my life.

      I’ve realized that a woman being annoying but not nasty is always an IOI, so I’ve recalibrated to it. I usually go with the non-sequitur, because it takes so long to explain what I’m thinking. But, I like your leading her by bread crumbs method; I’ll give that a go and just see what emotions I can get to flash across her face.

      • It usually works the same way as a non-sequitur, because by the time she asks she’s probably talked through two subjects and given five opinions of her own on them. Meanwhile you’ve thought in depth on something said or triggered by your surroundings.

        The key is not to care if she’ll find it interesting, you should assume because its your thoughts and she finds you interesting that she will. Instead, lead her on in a way she can emotionally invest in your rational thoughts. Otherwise you’ll lose her

  2. ,,It’s much easier to shut the hell up when you have something interesting to think about.´´

    So fucking true.
    But when you do this it´s like ;;What´s wrong´´-,, Nothing it´s just that I find it very interesting thinking my awesome thoughts istead of talking about some useless shit everybody is talking about to overtalk the silence´´

    • That’s when you’re silent and thinking about something else.

      When you’re silent and studying her, even if just her posture, she’ll usually keep talking, but become more submissive. If she asks “What’s wrong?” when you’re studying her, just tell her to adjust her body position how you want it, like “Move your feet here and your hands here. Now go on.” Then she’ll keep going without missing a beat.

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