Nasal Breathing


Several workouts ago, my workout partner was performing tire flips at a greater rate than me, and he didn’t even look that winded when he was done. I, on the other hand, looked like I was going to die when I finished. Which irritated me, since flipping 400-500 lb tires is my favorite gym activity, and I hate getting smoked at my go to exercises. When we were finished, he just looked at me and said, “Bro, you really need to breath with your diaphragm. You’re all chest, and you seriously look like you’re going to pass out.”

The easiest way to breathe through the diaphragm is nasally, so I Googled it. And after several long minutes of reading online articles, I decided that I should start experimenting with nasal breathing. I’m now trying to breathe through my nose all the time, including during workouts. First run was rough, since I basically scoured my nasal passage ways by forcing large quantities of air down them. But, I persevered, and felt better post run then, well, ever.

Next day I did a lot of high intensity work, from sprints to near max squat, and I can tell the difference. While I can’t just breathe nasally at max effort sprints, I can breathe in through my nose and out through both my nose and mouth. Which seemed to work quite well. It’s also helped improved weight lifting technique with so much focus on breathing, and I’ve been lifting for a long time. I’m still waiting thirty days to test the difference in long distance runs, and I’ll report back then. I’m expecting a significant improvement.

I’ve also noticed some completely unexpected results already. First, normal people have become dickheads. I’m a friendly guy, I say, “Good Morning, Ma’am,” “Good Afternoon, Sir,” etc., to most every one I meet. But, I’m not getting a whole lot of responses now, just a lot of stare downs. Which is really annoying, and I was getting ready to start yelling at strangers for their inconsiderate nature.

Then I remembered the saying, “If everybody you meet is an asshole, then you’re the asshole.” Which made me stop and think. Usually, most people match my salutations in kind. But now, they don’t. So, I must have changed something. While thinking about it, I decided to look into the mirror to examine what was going on in my own face. And lo and behold, focusing on nasal breathing flares my nostrils, clenches my jaw, and overall makes me look like a mean motherfucker. Which explained a lot of the behavior I was getting from normal people.

The opposite occurred inside the gym. Normally, I get a wide mix of behaviors from men, from generally considerate, to fuckwits trying to AMOG my space. But, all the men were considerate. I also usually get a good mixture of IOI’s and plain disinterest from women. Some like me, some don’t. I’m not exactly attractive, but I am fit, so the mixture is understandable. But, I was getting IOI’s from damn near every woman at the gym.

It’s a raging bull look, which seems to work much better in high testosterone environments, where it’s better to be feared than loved.


2 thoughts on “Nasal Breathing

  1. awesome idea! Thanks! Never heard of this before. Only thing is I´m not sure I want flared nostrils , suprised you listed this as a positive effect… What is good about having a nose like the africans?

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