No Sex Means No Relationship

So, Athol’s been having some issues, what with all that having to please people and play nice to earn a living. I, on the other hand, make zero dollars from my opinions, so I’m not worried if you all don’t like me.

After reading that thread, and all the talk about a “Hard NO” in a relationship, I realized that when I’ve been given hard no’s in a relationship, I always did one thing…



Now, when you’re gaming a chick to get in her pants, it’s different. You’re going to get some hard no’s. This reader over at the Chateau wrote:

she told me she wouldn’t sleep with me tonight. we went to a bar afterward and i told her calmly i was very angry at her for coming out with me with no interest in coming home with me, and that i’d never call her again. she broke down crying.

About a woman he hadn’t slept with yet and committed no resources to. That’s just stupid. Frame control, don’t ever lose it, or you lose the game before you find the hole.

But, when you’re in a committed relationship, where you promise her you’re not going to sleep with any other women, she loses the right to a Hard NO. Unless she’s physically ill. Other than that, it’s always game on. Women have responsive desire, so her no better always mean she just needs more convincing, aka foreplay. A straight up NO!, no matter what she won’t fuck you, that’s an end game statement.

Th reason being, she has your most valuable possession, your C-Card. As Ian Ironwood says,

it’s as important as a sixteen year old girl’s hymen.

Nothing is more important to a man than his commitment, especially when you legally obligate yourself to bust your ass, like when you get married. Because the main thing men do, is create more than we use (any man worth a shit, that is). When you commit to a women, she gets your excess production. Mainly to make and care for babies, which are giant black holes for all your resources.

And you get sex. It’s great that you have oxytocin pair bonding love, but it still boils down to your resources, her vagina. If you get no vagina, she gets no resources.

It’s not complicated, and it’s the only way you’ll ever truly be alpha, captain, the man, or whatever, of your relationship. She has to know you’ll walk if you get that hard no. Because if you decided to become the man in her life, the man that will take care of her, then she better be the woman in your life that takes care of you.

No excuses.


2 thoughts on “No Sex Means No Relationship

  1. This is a good post. I’ve experienced some hard “no’s” in relationships…and it definitely brings insecurity into play. If you are really far into the relationship, and it’s like “But I’m tired…” idk what the right answer is. You can’t just next that shit like that and not look back. But it’s definitely a good woman’s responsibility to take care of her man sexually…

    One time though, my girl was very tired and I was hoping for some sex, regardless. I told her something like yea, I understand.

    Then, after not being able to sleep for an hour, I decided I should just get up and read some, then fell asleep in another location on accident.

    She woke up without me, and was all worried that I had gotten super pissed at her. I wasn’t SUPER pissed, but point proven. She apologized.

    I have to think, though, that this is a revolutionary idea for many men and most women that women should never turn down their man for sex. Probably about 80% of them. I read one blog (don’t have link right now) where a wife wrote about never turning down her husband for sex for a straight year. One of her conclusions was that it unexpectedly made her even more into the sex. I’m thinking she finally allowed herself to get dominated lol

    • It was in the third year of marriage that I got my first hard no from my ex-wife. I walked out…on Christmas Eve…with her family…over a thousand miles from our house. It’s something I can’t compromise on.

      I can understand if she’s sick, she just watched her mom die, etc., I get that. But any other time, she better let me do some convincing, because I can be very convincing.

      It’s no different than me walking in the house after work, and her asking me about my day or telling me about hers, and I respond with, “Shut the fuck up. I have a headache, and I don’t want to hear your mouth.” That’s not an adult response, especially to the woman in your life.

      Something along the lines of, “I had rough day, honey, give me a minute to shower and change, and THEN you can tell me all about it.” She’s gets a soft no, where I just need a little time, and then she’ll get to say her piece like women do. It’s just proper give and take.

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