Be A Man, Make More Money

According to a study published in 2008 by Judge and Livingston, men with traditional values make more than those that believe a women can be as strong as any man.


First, ignore the testicle effect, and look at the women. The ability gap between oppressed, old fashioned women and patriarchy freed women who can now achieve their potential is basically nothing. Women were being oppressed all throughout history by……….no one.

Men on the other hand, look at that. More than a fifty percent increase in pay just by acknowledging that having a pair of testicles actually makes a difference. But why?

Really, why? I never understood this when I first read the study years ago. It’s obvious that we have sexual dimorphism, but why would attitudes have such a huge effect on men?

Then I found the manosphere, and I truly accepted the differences between men and women. I saw the ability gap everywhere I went, the sheer potential that men have to perform work. And my own productivity sky rocketed. I get more work done than I ever dreamed possible. Because once I realized that women can’t do what men can do, I saw how little most men were actually doing, myself included.

So throughout every day, any time I think about what needs to be done, I ask myself, “What would a man do?” A man would get that shit done. Which I do, and I’ve received more accolades from those around me than at any other time in my life.

All equality does is bring men down, it doesn’t bring women up. As Judgy Bitch says,

There is no wage gap, ladies; there is a men work harder and smarter gap.

Remember this part, “men work harder and smarter.” It’s not a you get rewarded for being a lazy shit just because you’re a man idea. You earn your keep. But as a man, you have a huge amount of reserves in you to do just that. So if you ever end up wondering what you need to do, just ask yourself, “What would a man do?” And you’ll do fine.


Your thoughts?

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