Vagina Renting


Now, most men rent vagina’s for entertainment purposes, which is understandable with the vast unused vaginal capacity in the world. Especially considering that condoms have greatly reduced the risk of vaginal renting, so much so that many women just donate their vagina’s to charity, as long as they can trick themselves that it means something, like walking for cancer and other bullshit.

But that’s not the kind of vagina renting I’m considering adding to my life. I’m considering renting a vagina for productive purposes. Many women have their vagina’s on the market for productive purposes, with a low down payment, but the interest is atrocious and there is a great possibility of a balloon payment later on. So, I’m not really interested in some shady used vagina renting lot.

What I’m looking for is a vagina that I can rent with a large upfront payment, and then just the maintenance fees while I’m using it. After that, I’ll give up my lease to the premises, and just take my product and be on my way.

Because honestly, I don’t see a more cost effective way to properly use a vagina for it’s natural capabilities. Sure, a joint agreement whereby myself and the vagina holder combine our abilities and resources after the vagina pops out the product would be ideal, but a fifty percent solution is better than a one hundred percent solution considering the current economic situation.


Your thoughts?

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