Men Are The More Emotional Sex

Emotions are why we make decisions, and the main logic we use is to rationalize that decision, and make it work.

Men are much more emotional than women, do to the much higher production of hormones. However, it’s always in the same direction, hence men continuing the status quo long after it’s gone. It’s also why men’s emotions cause them to ACT in many ways that can be quite life shortening, while women’s emotions mainly just cause them to be annoying.

Women experience change or acceleration in emotional status more than men, however their emotional velocity is still lower.

An analogy is men are in a car always traveling 50 miles per hour, while a woman’s car travels at 20 mph, now 10, now it’s in reverse, now it’s going 5mph, what the hell is going on? However, in the case of an accident or misjudgement, the man will end up with much more serious repercussions.

This is why men seem more logical, most of the time we only have to plan for our one way emotional speeding car, while women have a great deal more possibilities to prepare for.

It’s also why men seem to continuously mature, and many women plateau, it’s just too great a computational difference to really plan for. It probably has a great deal to do with why women continuously fitness test, again from the greater change in emotions, while a man has adjusted, and wonders why his woman can’t.

And finally, it explains why many man are devastated by breakups, while women tend to recover faster. The hormones and emotional attachment aren’t there to the same extent.

Graph From Wikipedia:


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