The Selfie and Hook-Up Culture Explained

For some reason, people keep trying to come up with great big complicated sociological reasons for the hook-up culture on college campuses and the huge proliferation of selfies by high school women. Well, if college taught useful skills to everyone, like calculus, perhaps it wouldn’t be such an issue.

Look at that graph and consider that a woman is hypergamous, where she wants a man that is of higher status than herself, and sex ratios highly influence the bargaining power of women for stable long term relationships, ie marriage versus hooking up. Look at the area under the curve. Women start to blow up in sexual marketplace value (SMV) after puberty, which keeps starting earlier and earlier, and men go nowhere fast.

What this means, is that a 15 year old woman has very few male “peers” of a higher sex rank (SR). So how in the world will she attract a man of higher sex rank? Well, she most likely has not had sex yet, and that’s a significant wall to climb, so she’s not ready for the hookup culture. What she can do, is focus on taking selfies. This is a natural reaction to the incredibly relationship poor marketplace that high school women have to deal with. They are near their peak, with no options their age, the same as men in their thirties. The selfie is a way to reach the natural assortative mating marketplace, and to try to get her historical worth for her high SR.

But what happens when this same woman reaches college? By the age of 18 half will have had sex, and at 19 more than two thirds will have had sex. But, again these women are still segregated from most of the men that are of a higher SR, and so they are not able to sustain commitment from the few men that can match their SR, but are too busy enjoying the results of a highly rigged economy.

And we should all know by now that once a women loses her virginity to one man without commitment, her chances of being in a successful long term relationship decrease drastically. So she continues hooking up, but she has almost no choice in such a rigged SMV, and like it or not, our instincts to have sex after puberty are our driving force. She keeps telling herself that she’s just having a good time, but keeps pining for her alpha widow to choose her.

The selfie and the hook-up culture are a result of a segmented sexual economy, that gives women little if no options to get the proper value of man for themselves. It’s why so many older women, with their low SR are so vicious about separating high SR men and women the way western society has; they have to rig the game against their more worthwhile sisters to have a fighting chance, which I’ll delve into next post.



2 thoughts on “The Selfie and Hook-Up Culture Explained

  1. I can recall when one of my 22 year old male housemates started going out with an 18 year old girl. A female housemate, also 22, was upset that he wasn’t going out with girls “our age”.
    Women figure out the score at a young age.

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