He’s Just Not That Into You

So, it’s basically agreed upon in the red-pill corner of the internet that men seem to rise in SMP value around the age of 28. Many people have said that it’s the maturity, life experience and confidence that comes from age. I say all those are well and good, but they’re not the primary reason. The primary reason is…..it’s around the age of 28 that men just don’t want to have sex with women their own age.

It’s really just that simple. Around 28 I started looking around, at all the women I used to find attractive and, they weren’t so attractive anymore. It wasn’t a conscious decision, my dick just said, “Don’t settle, they keep making new ones all the time.” And my dick does have the upper hand in debates when he’s the one that has to stand up and finish the statement. The wall is not kind to women.

Through much of history, this wasn’t an issue, because women just didn’t wait until such an advanced age to get married. And there are wife-goggles, where any women that ages gracefully will almost always be attractive to her husband. But I was single. Women will only be as attractive to you as when you started the relationship. And 28 wasn’t attractive to me anymore.

But wait, there’s more. You see, my dick is a long term planner, despite much evidence to the contrary. And one thing that really started to weigh on my decision making was how quickly a woman was going to age after I became involved with her. All around me I saw women hitting the wall, and even going for a women just a little younger was not going to get me interested enough to stick through that transition. And I started looking at 22 and 23 year old’s in a different light. They don’t even see it coming.

It was then that I realized I could never devote myself, as a faithful husband, to a women who wasted the prettiest years of her life before she met me. This is where my confidence and value really began to manifest itself. Not just because I knew exactly what I can offer a woman, but also because I knew exactly what she could offer me. And I could not settle for anything less.

Older women, in their late twenties and up, just don’t understand. It wasn’t taught to me, or to any man, that we should not find you as attractive as your younger sisters. If anything, it’s the complete opposite, we’ve been taught over and over again that it shouldn’t matter. But it does. Biology always wins.



24 thoughts on “He’s Just Not That Into You

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  2. My dad dated my mom’s older sister before dating my mom (who was 21 when they started dating. My dad was 30.)

    Well I guess you could do that when you were in a band in the 70s.

  3. I would imagine the change is so negligible between 22 and 28 that it would be dishonest to represent it as being a major turn-off .
    Must be something wrong with American women

  4. I’m 27 and I can see exactly what you’re talking about, just this week I went out with a 19yo and a 26yo. Within minutes of being with the 19yo I felt a strong sexual energy. I also noticed a different response than from older girls, as if she somehow admired me and that turned her on. With the 26yo I didn’t even feel that motivation and when I did try to escalate the response was cold and unenthusiastic. I’ve known this girl since she was 22 and back then I would have given up half my stuff for her (yes I was a huge chump back then) but now it just doesn’t make it for me any more (and she’s what many would consider wife material, not a party girl or anything, but I just keep thinking about how much time she has left, 2, 3 years? not worth it).

  5. But what can you offer those girls? If you want much younger, you better deliver yourself. No woman wants a mediocre man. You must be better than those 80% of men in all age groups, 18-60. Good luck with that one, especially in America. Where the hotties are few, but men with good earning potential are plenty.

  6. You’re a shallow individual, kleyau, talking like a frat boy who would put his stray hat on and pretend he’s emmanuel kant… 😐 Still entertaining reading though.. Keep it up!

  7. Older men are pussy-whipped. That’s all I got from this. But I do hope you find that special 20-something lady. I hope you find the right 20-year old who sees how much power she’ll have over you just because “you’re dick is always right”, uses up every one of your resources, and then leaves you because you’re no longer useful to her. Hell, maybe she won’t even realize she’s just using you because you’ll have made her believe it’s love. But eventually she will get bored of you before you get bored of her.

  8. The truth is that without make-up, even women in their early twenties could not hope 2 compete 6ually with girlz in their early 2 mid teens

  9. Funny, men actually paid more attention to me after I turned 30. At 28-29 people who had never met me thought I was in high school and couldn’t believe it when I told them my real age.

    But really, no matter what age I was, I would never have had any interest in a man who reduces a woman to a commodity and has no idea what real love really is. Real love has nothing to do with how “pretty” a woman is but friendship, caring, and mutual respect. Clearly, you are incapable of that if you would write a post like this – I genuinely feel sorry for you and hope you grow up, because as it is now you don’t have the capacity to participate in a truly fulfilling relationship with a woman. It’s all about your dick and not your heart – you’re seriously missing out.

    And newsflash for you – you aren’t getting any younger either. I think it’s important that the whole “men age like wine, women age like milk” idea be dispelled as the myth it is. Men age like milk too, in many cases even more so than women. Your precious dick can’t do half of what it could have in your early 20s, while women your age are not even at their sexual peak yet. So the real question is: why the hell should a woman who isn’t a golddigger want you over a younger, fitter, more attractive guy?

  10. Women don’t want you when you have no money. When they grow to want you, you don’t want them.
    Women turn into trash long before 35 y.o. because of smoking, drinking and sleeping around. I’m seeing this happening to many girls I knew. Some are only 27 and look as if they were in their forties.
    Keep it up girls, and leave us no reasons to marry.

  11. “It was then that I realized I could never devote myself, as a faithful husband, to a women who wasted the prettiest years of her life before she met me.”

    Because you don’t have what it takes to truly love someone. And thus, you are the one who will lose in the end. Well, you and the poor wretched girl you end up marrying.

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