Protect Your Women


Life is not just about the woma(e)n you’re with. It’s about all the women in your life, especially your family. It seems like a lot of ‘sphere writers have issues with their mothers and sisters, kind of like strippers with daddy.

A mother will bitch to her thirty plus your old son about getting some grandkids, like damn near every mother does, and he’ll get all butthurt about how his mom just can’t understand him. No shit. You’re the product of over four billion years of successful grandkids, deal with your mom wanting some.

Same thing with sisters. Guys will talk about some passive aggressive bullshit they pulled on their sister to “win” some pointless argument. Get over it. All women shit test, including family, especially if you started out on the wrong side of alpha, and are just now lifting yourself up.

But they’re still your family. They’re still your responsibility. Either your women are worthless, and you cut them out of your life completely, or you make them better every time you interact with them. Do you logically convince a woman to sleep with you? No. You don’t logically make your family better, either. You lead them.

A man has to be strong enough to protect his women from all dangers. This is where white knights get it wrong, they only try to protect a woman from other men. A woman needs a man that will protect her from herself just as much as she needs protection from other men. This starts with your family. Understand them, lead them, and you’ll have the skills to bring the women you want to keep into your life.


Your thoughts?

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