Women That Want Kids…



Should start considering their options at a very young age. If you go to college, not only will you be in desert of worthwhile men, which leads to getting pumped and dumped, and decreases your chance of a successful marriage, but you’ll have wasted four or more years of your pretty for $26,000 in debt and shit job prospects to pay it back.

Seriously, think that over. If you want kids, your best years will fly by way faster than any man’s will. But, you do get the pussy pass, so make the most of it.

If you want to find a man that can provide for you to do what most women want to do anyways, figure out where these men are, and get a job close to them, like a waitress. Women around military bases have known this for years, but it works just as well around hospitals, investment banks, software companies, etc. Figure out what man you want, and then it’s location, location, location (plus, don’t be fat and have long hair).

Being a waitress helps you develop and keep the same skills that most men find attractive, which is who you’re probably trying to attract, rather than your women competition, who just want to steal your man anyways.

Your career isn’t really important to a man. If you truly enjoy doing something like math or engineering, go for it, but don’t think that it’s going to raise your sexual market value.

And men, don’t hamstring your daughters and sisters like an overbearing single mom beating her son into blue pill submission. Don’t infantilize your women because you can’t deal with them finding another man more important than you.

Raise your girls to be women. Prepare them properly to face the world, and find the life they’re looking for. Your daughter will find a man that attracts her, your job is to make sure that man will take care of her.


2 thoughts on “Women That Want Kids…

  1. hey man I just wanted to drop by and say that I find your thoughts very unique and intependent.
    You differ greatly from the other writers out ther that are cought ip in their own rationalization and weaknesses ,
    Especially your Junkie Sex and Hookup culture posts show the main difference between you and them .
    A mean driven by his own mind and principles instead of only his dick.
    I respect that.
    Thank you
    I read your blog with interest

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