Bad Movie Date

I took a girl out to a movie recently. I like movies, she likes me, I can’t drive, so it’s a win-win for everybody.

Now, before I hit her up, I did consider trying to find a movie that she’d like. But then I thought, “Why? I’m the one that wants to go. If she takes me to a movie, then she can pick.” So we went to a basic action movie. And about 30 minutes into it, after some particular kung fu versus mythical monster awesomeness, she looks over at me, and says, “What, are you making me watch?!” That would be a question hinted at with a huge WTF!? at the end.

I could have tried to placate her, tell her I’ll pick something better next time, or some other beta bullshit, but no. Not my style. I just grab her leg, and say with a shit eating grin on my face, “Something awesome.” Because she doesn’t have to enjoy the movie, she just has to enjoy me enjoying the movie. Which she does, and then she tells me how awesome the movie was when it’s over, with a genuine smile on her face.

I’ll go to a chick flick with a girl if she really wants me to, but something early like this will be my movie and my choice, because I’m looking for a woman that will grind out something she doesn’t enjoy to make her man happy, and if she won’t, I want to know to next her as soon as possible. Guy movies are great way to do this.


Your thoughts?

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