Feminism Is Brilliant

Feminism is one of the greatest ideas ever made. Not for everybody, but no idea ever is. It’s great for a small group of men and a lot of companies.

First, hooking is frowned upon in the United States, unlike the rest of the (civilized) world. So what’s a successful man to do? Why, just hire the hookers full time! They don’t even have to be good at their jobs, he’s just trying to make quotas and empower women. It’s a win win. He’s a great man by spreading equality and he doesn’t have to leave the office to snag a quickie. And they’ve made a huge institutional pipeline for this. Just like Sandusky.

Second, men tend to save more then women. So what does feminism do? It takes money out of the man’s hands and gives it to the woman. Don’t like how much your wife spends, then get divorced. Then you get to pay alimony and child support to still support her spending habits. And if you’re a corporation that wants to separate money from the hands of all these potential consumers, then damn right you’re going to support equality and the loosening of the those purse strings. Plus, more stand in hookers, because equality.

Third, men spend more when there are less women around. So, limit the population of women. They’re not women until they’re 18, and even then they need the opportunity to throw off the oppressive yoke of an actually functioning society and family life to achieve the independence of being a socially acceptable hooker. But I digress. Don’t let regular men see women until the women begin their downhill slide after 21. Because, then all the men will piss away their resources as fast as possible at clubs, restaurants, cars, and whatever house they can pledge 30 years for.

Feminism is still just a man’s world. And it’s brilliant. Evil, but brilliant all the same.

Because Equality


Your thoughts?

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