Just Chicks

Don’t jerk off to other people fucking.

There are a lot of guys that know more about brain cells and neurotransmitters and shit than me, so I’ll just tell you what I know from my life. I still jerk off when I have to, but, I don’t ever watch porn. It’s just girls, whether pics or videos, just the girl.

Because that’s what it comes down to, no pun intended. If you jerk off to another dude getting his on, you’re just training yourself to be a bitch. Versus finding some hottie, preferably attractive enough with her clothes on, that you’d like to bang. Because then you’re setting goals.

And, don’t sit or lay down. Again, you’re training yourself to be a passive bitch, which isn’t good for being an aggressive man whore or bad ass husband, depending on your proclivities. Do that shit standing, with power. Own it. You need to get off, and sometimes you just make have to make do. At least I do. When I don’t have a chica on the regular the boys still need a workout.

You can also train another behavior at the same time, which most guys are horrible at, which is eye contact. For whatever reason, most dudes look away way to early like a loser when they catch the eye of some fine piece, even though they could snap her in half without thinking about it. So, look at that semi clothed chica in the eye when you’re releasing your testosterone shake into to the world.

Red heads are banging, by the way.



Your thoughts?

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