Just Chicks

Don’t jerk off to other people fucking.

There are a lot of guys that know more about brain cells and neurotransmitters and shit than me, so I’ll just tell you what I know from my life. I still jerk off when I have to, but, I don’t ever watch porn. It’s just girls, whether pics or videos, just the girl.

Because that’s what it comes down to, no pun intended. If you jerk off to another dude getting his on, you’re just training yourself to be a bitch. Versus finding some hottie, preferably attractive enough with her clothes on, that you’d like to bang. Because then you’re setting goals.

And, don’t sit or lay down. Again, you’re training yourself to be a passive bitch, which isn’t good for being an aggressive man whore or bad ass husband, depending on your proclivities. Do that shit standing, with power. Own it. You need to get off, and sometimes you just make have to make do. At least I do. When I don’t have a chica on the regular the boys still need a workout.

You can also train another behavior at the same time, which most guys are horrible at, which is eye contact. For whatever reason, most dudes look away way to early like a loser when they catch the eye of some fine piece, even though they could snap her in half without thinking about it. So, look at that semi clothed chica in the eye when you’re releasing your testosterone shake into to the world.

Red heads are banging, by the way.



Save a Beta, Buy a Hooker

So in America, there’s this obsession with strip clubs. Men want to blow their money on women just to get teased. Seriously, they’re that devoid of human contact that they’ll give money to a woman for merely dancing in front of them, and maybe a little more if she gives him just a little bit of human contact.


This is why the price of pussy is so inflated here, or as a stripper ex girlfriend put it,

“I have to live in the U.S. to strip or else I’d have to be a whore. Men in the rest of the world won’t settle for less than fucking.”

If you’re going to blow your wad on a woman just because she’s a woman, then make sure you blow your wad.

I know there’s this big anti-whore contingency in the man spoken area of the internet, but paying for a stripper instead of a whore is like going to the gym to lift arms every day. If you’re going to do it, do it like a man. Strippers are just whores who don’t have to give up the goodies because their customers are weak.

Man up, wrap your shit, and understand the true economics of pussy. The only reason women are half ok with strip clubs is because it keeps the price of pussy high by elevating demand and draining the resources of betas.

As xsplat says,

Women know their value. They know they can trade their value for their benefit.

You should know this, too. Game is important, but if you’re going the economic route, don’t overpay.


Police Protect Your Women, Not You

From Alpha Game:

If a woman physically attacks you in a manner that indicates her serious intent to harm you, then you beat the living shit out of her. Beat her so badly, so painfully, that she fears for her life. 

Afterwards, calmly explain to her that if she calls the police or tries to press charges after she attacked you and forced you to defend yourself, you’ll simply do your 30 days or whatever and then you’ll come back and do it again. Only this time, you won’t be merely defending yourself. You’ll be looking for payback, and payback is a serious bitch. And remind her that the police won’t be there until after the fact. 

She’ll believe you. Remember, first and foremost, women are creatures of fear. Because they are so fearful, they have created a system where men are arrested and punished and lose access to their children even when they are attacked, even when they don’t defend themselves. The object is to make her understand that simple fact that the vast edifice of the police and the legal system are totally incapable of protecting her. Which, as it happens, is completely true.

It’s better to be feared then loved.

Love helps out women and children who can’t help themselves.

Fear helps the man who is thrown out to the wolves, which is what we’ve done to men in today’s society.

My relationships have ended better than most, because once a woman stops loving you, fear is all you can give her to protect yourself.

Protect Your Women


Life is not just about the woma(e)n you’re with. It’s about all the women in your life, especially your family. It seems like a lot of ‘sphere writers have issues with their mothers and sisters, kind of like strippers with daddy.

A mother will bitch to her thirty plus your old son about getting some grandkids, like damn near every mother does, and he’ll get all butthurt about how his mom just can’t understand him. No shit. You’re the product of over four billion years of successful grandkids, deal with your mom wanting some.

Same thing with sisters. Guys will talk about some passive aggressive bullshit they pulled on their sister to “win” some pointless argument. Get over it. All women shit test, including family, especially if you started out on the wrong side of alpha, and are just now lifting yourself up.

But they’re still your family. They’re still your responsibility. Either your women are worthless, and you cut them out of your life completely, or you make them better every time you interact with them. Do you logically convince a woman to sleep with you? No. You don’t logically make your family better, either. You lead them.

A man has to be strong enough to protect his women from all dangers. This is where white knights get it wrong, they only try to protect a woman from other men. A woman needs a man that will protect her from herself just as much as she needs protection from other men. This starts with your family. Understand them, lead them, and you’ll have the skills to bring the women you want to keep into your life.

Vagina Renting


Now, most men rent vagina’s for entertainment purposes, which is understandable with the vast unused vaginal capacity in the world. Especially considering that condoms have greatly reduced the risk of vaginal renting, so much so that many women just donate their vagina’s to charity, as long as they can trick themselves that it means something, like walking for cancer and other bullshit.

But that’s not the kind of vagina renting I’m considering adding to my life. I’m considering renting a vagina for productive purposes. Many women have their vagina’s on the market for productive purposes, with a low down payment, but the interest is atrocious and there is a great possibility of a balloon payment later on. So, I’m not really interested in some shady used vagina renting lot.

What I’m looking for is a vagina that I can rent with a large upfront payment, and then just the maintenance fees while I’m using it. After that, I’ll give up my lease to the premises, and just take my product and be on my way.

Because honestly, I don’t see a more cost effective way to properly use a vagina for it’s natural capabilities. Sure, a joint agreement whereby myself and the vagina holder combine our abilities and resources after the vagina pops out the product would be ideal, but a fifty percent solution is better than a one hundred percent solution considering the current economic situation.

Be A Man, Make More Money

According to a study published in 2008 by Judge and Livingston, men with traditional values make more than those that believe a women can be as strong as any man.


First, ignore the testicle effect, and look at the women. The ability gap between oppressed, old fashioned women and patriarchy freed women who can now achieve their potential is basically nothing. Women were being oppressed all throughout history by……….no one.

Men on the other hand, look at that. More than a fifty percent increase in pay just by acknowledging that having a pair of testicles actually makes a difference. But why?

Really, why? I never understood this when I first read the study years ago. It’s obvious that we have sexual dimorphism, but why would attitudes have such a huge effect on men?

Then I found the manosphere, and I truly accepted the differences between men and women. I saw the ability gap everywhere I went, the sheer potential that men have to perform work. And my own productivity sky rocketed. I get more work done than I ever dreamed possible. Because once I realized that women can’t do what men can do, I saw how little most men were actually doing, myself included.

So throughout every day, any time I think about what needs to be done, I ask myself, “What would a man do?” A man would get that shit done. Which I do, and I’ve received more accolades from those around me than at any other time in my life.

All equality does is bring men down, it doesn’t bring women up. As Judgy Bitch says,

There is no wage gap, ladies; there is a men work harder and smarter gap.

Remember this part, “men work harder and smarter.” It’s not a you get rewarded for being a lazy shit just because you’re a man idea. You earn your keep. But as a man, you have a huge amount of reserves in you to do just that. So if you ever end up wondering what you need to do, just ask yourself, “What would a man do?” And you’ll do fine.


No Sex Means No Relationship

So, Athol’s been having some issues, what with all that having to please people and play nice to earn a living. I, on the other hand, make zero dollars from my opinions, so I’m not worried if you all don’t like me.

After reading that thread, and all the talk about a “Hard NO” in a relationship, I realized that when I’ve been given hard no’s in a relationship, I always did one thing…



Now, when you’re gaming a chick to get in her pants, it’s different. You’re going to get some hard no’s. This reader over at the Chateau wrote:

she told me she wouldn’t sleep with me tonight. we went to a bar afterward and i told her calmly i was very angry at her for coming out with me with no interest in coming home with me, and that i’d never call her again. she broke down crying.

About a woman he hadn’t slept with yet and committed no resources to. That’s just stupid. Frame control, don’t ever lose it, or you lose the game before you find the hole.

But, when you’re in a committed relationship, where you promise her you’re not going to sleep with any other women, she loses the right to a Hard NO. Unless she’s physically ill. Other than that, it’s always game on. Women have responsive desire, so her no better always mean she just needs more convincing, aka foreplay. A straight up NO!, no matter what she won’t fuck you, that’s an end game statement.

Th reason being, she has your most valuable possession, your C-Card. As Ian Ironwood says,

it’s as important as a sixteen year old girl’s hymen.

Nothing is more important to a man than his commitment, especially when you legally obligate yourself to bust your ass, like when you get married. Because the main thing men do, is create more than we use (any man worth a shit, that is). When you commit to a women, she gets your excess production. Mainly to make and care for babies, which are giant black holes for all your resources.

And you get sex. It’s great that you have oxytocin pair bonding love, but it still boils down to your resources, her vagina. If you get no vagina, she gets no resources.

It’s not complicated, and it’s the only way you’ll ever truly be alpha, captain, the man, or whatever, of your relationship. She has to know you’ll walk if you get that hard no. Because if you decided to become the man in her life, the man that will take care of her, then she better be the woman in your life that takes care of you.

No excuses.