Save a Beta, Buy a Hooker

So in America, there’s this obsession with strip clubs. Men want to blow their money on women just to get teased. Seriously, they’re that devoid of human contact that they’ll give money to a woman for merely dancing in front of them, and maybe a little more if she gives him just a little bit of human contact.


This is why the price of pussy is so inflated here, or as a stripper ex girlfriend put it,

“I have to live in the U.S. to strip or else I’d have to be a whore. Men in the rest of the world won’t settle for less than fucking.”

If you’re going to blow your wad on a woman just because she’s a woman, then make sure you blow your wad.

I know there’s this big anti-whore contingency in the man spoken area of the internet, but paying for a stripper instead of a whore is like going to the gym to lift arms every day. If you’re going to do it, do it like a man. Strippers are just whores who don’t have to give up the goodies because their customers are weak.

Man up, wrap your shit, and understand the true economics of pussy. The only reason women are half ok with strip clubs is because it keeps the price of pussy high by elevating demand and draining the resources of betas.

As xsplat says,

Women know their value. They know they can trade their value for their benefit.

You should know this, too. Game is important, but if you’re going the economic route, don’t overpay.



Don’t Waste Your Money

stripper-moneyMost guys spouting off on the internet will tell you to get some passive income, by making money online or writing an e-book. I realize that’s pretty ambitious for most of you all, so let’s start with baby steps.

Just don’t waste your fucking money.

Basically, don’t buy stuff that depreciates. Most of you are like me, and work for somebody else. It has its ups and downs, but don’t bust your ass to give some cocktease your money, and pony up all those hours to suck on Steve Jobs’s cock like a meth head looking for a score.

Spend your money in a way that doesn’t just make it disappear. Personally, I invest in stocks (I don’t trade stocks. There’s a difference). I do this because it combines two of my favorite things, reading and basic math. Now, I may or may not have had many nerd hobbies as a kid that combined these things, but, all those things cost money that you don’t get back, plus, it’s hard to get paid when you win.

Enter the stock market. Even if I lose twenty percent of what I invest (which has happened occasionally) I’m still left with eighty percent of my money, which isn’t bad considering the hours of entertainment I’ve had, plus the fact that studying real world shit every day makes me that much smarter. And I may have perused every single 10-K for a year while I lived in somewhat primitive conditions. This definitely helped make me smarter.

But, you don’t even have to invest in stocks. Spend your money on guns, land, broken down sail boats that you can fix, a pile of wood and a hand saw, anything that you can either add value to, or that’s so damn useful to every one that it will always have some value. This includes gold, because women love shiny shit. Men may value gold at higher or lower prices depending on the weather, but shiny shit always serves a purpose.

Fuck people that spend money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. If these people are influencing you to waste money in the same manner, find new people. And blog about it.