How Does Life Work – The Evolution Equation

R = A / N – E

Where: R = Reproduction, A = Available resources for reproduction, N = Necessary resources for reproduction, and E = Environment influences opposed to reproduction.

For Reproduction to happen, R must be >= 1. R is positive integers.


Feminism Is Brilliant

Feminism is one of the greatest ideas ever made. Not for everybody, but no idea ever is. It’s great for a small group of men and a lot of companies.

First, hooking is frowned upon in the United States, unlike the rest of the (civilized) world. So what’s a successful man to do? Why, just hire the hookers full time! They don’t even have to be good at their jobs, he’s just trying to make quotas and empower women. It’s a win win. He’s a great man by spreading equality and he doesn’t have to leave the office to snag a quickie. And they’ve made a huge institutional pipeline for this. Just like Sandusky.

Second, men tend to save more then women. So what does feminism do? It takes money out of the man’s hands and gives it to the woman. Don’t like how much your wife spends, then get divorced. Then you get to pay alimony and child support to still support her spending habits. And if you’re a corporation that wants to separate money from the hands of all these potential consumers, then damn right you’re going to support equality and the loosening of the those purse strings. Plus, more stand in hookers, because equality.

Third, men spend more when there are less women around. So, limit the population of women. They’re not women until they’re 18, and even then they need the opportunity to throw off the oppressive yoke of an actually functioning society and family life to achieve the independence of being a socially acceptable hooker. But I digress. Don’t let regular men see women until the women begin their downhill slide after 21. Because, then all the men will piss away their resources as fast as possible at clubs, restaurants, cars, and whatever house they can pledge 30 years for.

Feminism is still just a man’s world. And it’s brilliant. Evil, but brilliant all the same.

Because Equality

Bad Movie Date

I took a girl out to a movie recently. I like movies, she likes me, I can’t drive, so it’s a win-win for everybody.

Now, before I hit her up, I did consider trying to find a movie that she’d like. But then I thought, “Why? I’m the one that wants to go. If she takes me to a movie, then she can pick.” So we went to a basic action movie. And about 30 minutes into it, after some particular kung fu versus mythical monster awesomeness, she looks over at me, and says, “What, are you making me watch?!” That would be a question hinted at with a huge WTF!? at the end.

I could have tried to placate her, tell her I’ll pick something better next time, or some other beta bullshit, but no. Not my style. I just grab her leg, and say with a shit eating grin on my face, “Something awesome.” Because she doesn’t have to enjoy the movie, she just has to enjoy me enjoying the movie. Which she does, and then she tells me how awesome the movie was when it’s over, with a genuine smile on her face.

I’ll go to a chick flick with a girl if she really wants me to, but something early like this will be my movie and my choice, because I’m looking for a woman that will grind out something she doesn’t enjoy to make her man happy, and if she won’t, I want to know to next her as soon as possible. Guy movies are great way to do this.

Responsive Desire


More from the forum, my thoughts on responsive desire.

Responsive desire is basically the thought that desire is a response to some stimuli, and many females take a lot of work to desire you, because their base level of desire is so low, that they need a massive amount of external stimulus — you — to have sex. Testosterone is key here.
Responsive desire is basically the same process in both men and women, it’s just that men have a much higher level of response built in. Think of desire as a wave, and it has to crest a certain peak for that person to have sex. Men have a much lower shoreline, and for some men it’s always under water. Except during the refractory period.

Now, there is the natural rise and fall of the waves, but there are also external factors that can cause waves, like boats and earthquakes, or charm and physical stimulation from the opposite sex. It generally takes more of these external factors to get the waves over land for women.

But, the longer a person refrains from having sex, the more water gets under the wave. Some people will build up enough water all on their own to have sex, while others never will. Basically, think how long it takes you to start masturbating with no external stimulus. That’s your natural wave cycle, which is then acted upon by others.

And even though a person’s desire can be triggered by an external source, it still needs an outlet. If you only have one outlet, your partner, then that’s where your desire will be unleashed on, and your threshold will stay lower. However, if you have multiple outlets, via porn, a harem, just knowing you can get laid anywhere — most women, some men — then that threshold gets even higher.

Book Review: A Gold Diggers Guide


I read A Gold Diggers Guide by Baje Fletcher awhile back, kind of a know your adversary type of thing. Gold digging is the ultimate girl game, where a woman extracts resources from men without giving sex. Resources don’t just have to be gold, but can be time, protection, fixing things, etc. Gold digging is the counter point to the ultimate guy game, where a man gets sex from women without giving resources. And Baje tells women how to play girl game.

A lot of the book is like a lot of male game books, in that you need to improve yourself. A girl still needs to get fit, be confident, work hard, etc, it’s just with that extra focus on getting what women are born to want, resources from men. Just like men are born to want sex from women, and game books tell you to improve yourself and then add that little focus. Both gold diggers and players focus on developing all of the right behaviors to give the illusion that the other side is going to to get what they want without actually giving it to them. There is no difference, morally, between them, except that they have different goals and methods to achieve them.

I’d recommend reading it, and other girl game books for the same reason that I recommend PUA books to women, you have to know your competition, primarily to know when you’re getting played. Most women are not trying to play you, but if you make yourself an easy target, then diggers will find you and use you for gold. Even if a girl had no intention of using you when she met you, if she can, she probably will. I know I’ve slept with more than my share of women because they made it too easy, and I figured, why not? Women will do the same with your resources, so don’t make it easy.

Now, don’t go getting all hateful and spiteful just by thinking a women might use you. It’s just the way the game is played. Just be aware how the game is played, and focus on what you want. They’re tied to their biology and upraising just as much as we are, and they’re just trying to find their happy ending, or some approximation to it. No one cares about your happy ending, unless they need to help you to get theirs.

If it makes you feel better, you can look at it this way, no matter how much gold a digger gets, or how many women a player sleeps with, if neither one of them has children, they might as well be celibate nuns and priests for all they’ve accomplished.

Start a Bromance

wall pushup

A bromance is one of the best things you can do to improve your life. For those of you that don’t know, a bromance is a platonic relationship with another man, usually in the form of friendly competition. The manosphere is a form of group bromance. So are sports teams that you play for, not watch on television. Bromances only work for activities where you and your bro are competitive, but neither one of you has a decisive advantage. Just look at how science and engineering tailed off in United States after the Soviet Union collapsed and ruined the bromance.

One of my current bromances is my crossfit workout partner. He’s bigger than me, but we both have certain exercises that each of us are better at. I’m better at power exercises like cleans, squat, and deadlift. He’s better at pullup bar work and core strength. So we push each other, not only to work harder with what we’re doing, but to do lifts that we really wouldn’t do on our own. And we motivate each other through competition.

He came up with the motivational term, “pweazing,” for pussy-weazing. If one of us is struggling, the other will say something like, “Do you need a pweazing break?” or “Do you need a man to do that for you? Just say pretty, pretty pweaze.” We both get better because we build off each other through competition, always trying to top the other, but neither one of us ever achieves more than a temporary victory.

Be warned, the first thing many women will do when they enter your life is to isolate you from your bromances. Do not let this happen. All bromances should be started and ended of your accord, not hers. She will be sneaky about this, mainly through snide remarks about your bro’s. It’s not that it’s bro’s before ho’s, it’s that it’s your decision on how to spend your time, not hers. You lead the way in your relationship, she follows.