Women That Want Kids…



Should start considering their options at a very young age. If you go to college, not only will you be in desert of worthwhile men, which leads to getting pumped and dumped, and decreases your chance of a successful marriage, but you’ll have wasted four or more years of your pretty for $26,000 in debt and shit job prospects to pay it back.

Seriously, think that over. If you want kids, your best years will fly by way faster than any man’s will. But, you do get the pussy pass, so make the most of it.

If you want to find a man that can provide for you to do what most women want to do anyways, figure out where these men are, and get a job close to them, like a waitress. Women around military bases have known this for years, but it works just as well around hospitals, investment banks, software companies, etc. Figure out what man you want, and then it’s location, location, location (plus, don’t be fat and have long hair).

Being a waitress helps you develop and keep the same skills that most men find attractive, which is who you’re probably trying to attract, rather than your women competition, who just want to steal your man anyways.

Your career isn’t really important to a man. If you truly enjoy doing something like math or engineering, go for it, but don’t think that it’s going to raise your sexual market value.

And men, don’t hamstring your daughters and sisters like an overbearing single mom beating her son into blue pill submission. Don’t infantilize your women because you can’t deal with them finding another man more important than you.

Raise your girls to be women. Prepare them properly to face the world, and find the life they’re looking for. Your daughter will find a man that attracts her, your job is to make sure that man will take care of her.


Protect Your Women


Life is not just about the woma(e)n you’re with. It’s about all the women in your life, especially your family. It seems like a lot of ‘sphere writers have issues with their mothers and sisters, kind of like strippers with daddy.

A mother will bitch to her thirty plus your old son about getting some grandkids, like damn near every mother does, and he’ll get all butthurt about how his mom just can’t understand him. No shit. You’re the product of over four billion years of successful grandkids, deal with your mom wanting some.

Same thing with sisters. Guys will talk about some passive aggressive bullshit they pulled on their sister to “win” some pointless argument. Get over it. All women shit test, including family, especially if you started out on the wrong side of alpha, and are just now lifting yourself up.

But they’re still your family. They’re still your responsibility. Either your women are worthless, and you cut them out of your life completely, or you make them better every time you interact with them. Do you logically convince a woman to sleep with you? No. You don’t logically make your family better, either. You lead them.

A man has to be strong enough to protect his women from all dangers. This is where white knights get it wrong, they only try to protect a woman from other men. A woman needs a man that will protect her from herself just as much as she needs protection from other men. This starts with your family. Understand them, lead them, and you’ll have the skills to bring the women you want to keep into your life.

Don’t Waste Your Money

stripper-moneyMost guys spouting off on the internet will tell you to get some passive income, by making money online or writing an e-book. I realize that’s pretty ambitious for most of you all, so let’s start with baby steps.

Just don’t waste your fucking money.

Basically, don’t buy stuff that depreciates. Most of you are like me, and work for somebody else. It has its ups and downs, but don’t bust your ass to give some cocktease your money, and pony up all those hours to suck on Steve Jobs’s cock like a meth head looking for a score.

Spend your money in a way that doesn’t just make it disappear. Personally, I invest in stocks (I don’t trade stocks. There’s a difference). I do this because it combines two of my favorite things, reading and basic math. Now, I may or may not have had many nerd hobbies as a kid that combined these things, but, all those things cost money that you don’t get back, plus, it’s hard to get paid when you win.

Enter the stock market. Even if I lose twenty percent of what I invest (which has happened occasionally) I’m still left with eighty percent of my money, which isn’t bad considering the hours of entertainment I’ve had, plus the fact that studying real world shit every day makes me that much smarter. And I may have perused every single 10-K for a year while I lived in somewhat primitive conditions. This definitely helped make me smarter.

But, you don’t even have to invest in stocks. Spend your money on guns, land, broken down sail boats that you can fix, a pile of wood and a hand saw, anything that you can either add value to, or that’s so damn useful to every one that it will always have some value. This includes gold, because women love shiny shit. Men may value gold at higher or lower prices depending on the weather, but shiny shit always serves a purpose.

Fuck people that spend money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. If these people are influencing you to waste money in the same manner, find new people. And blog about it.

Train to Fail

miguel cotto

I currently have a soccer ball sized bruised on my back. It’s all splotchy, like some giant mutated birthmark. I got it from an unexpected failure.

I’ve been doing jump squats for several months now. I’ll do post on them in the near future, but if you attempt them now, just know that they can be dangerous. But, they are my new favorite exercise.

Anyways, I’m doing jump squats. I have 374lbs on my back, and plan to add weight for my next set. I don’t realize that my body just doesn’t have the energy in it that I think it does. So, on my last rep, I go down, and……….just pop a squat, like an indigenous tribesman in the forest. My first instinct is to move slightly forward and down, since I usually squat in power racks with bail bars. I quickly realize that I’m working out at the one gym I use that doesn’t have bail bars.

No problem, my brain says, we’ll just throw the bar forward since we’re already going this direction. So I start pushing the bar forward again, before quickly realizing my head is in the way. Ok, I’ll just keep the squat, relax, and figure out something else. Since I can’t go forward, I must have to go backward. My arms are on the wrong side though, but I’ll fix that with a quick, steady under over to provide a clear landing path.

Then I slowly rolled the bar down, instead of just quickly dropping it, because I didn’t want to look like a bitch (and I got the largest bruise of my life). I took off some weight, and finished four more sets, since defeat was not an option at this point.

I woke up pretty damn sore the next few days, but not injured. Because I’ve been doing jump squats, I trained my back to deal with slightly off kilter heavy weights. And that probably saved me from permanently damaging back with a couple bad impulses after I failed to move the weight through the lift.

That’s why I lift the way I do. No straps, no belts, no suits. I don’t get paid to lift more weight than everybody else. I lift for myself, and I always want my weakest point to be the one I have to strengthen. Nothing will take away from the knowledge that all of my power hinges on small body parts that aren’t designed for the same power as the rest of my body. Because that’s the only thing that helps protect your body when you have to move it in a way you’re not prepared to do.

But, it still brought to the fore that I’m not completely training to fail. I didn’t have the exit plan down, for that gym, if I failed my lift. Like most people, I’m no Olympian, but we can all destroy our bodies in a poorly planned lift. So, I’ve worked out how all of my lifts can fail, in every gym I work out, to truly train to fail. Because at some point, failure is guaranteed.

This is how you properly dump a squat, by the way.

He’s Just Not That Into You

So, it’s basically agreed upon in the red-pill corner of the internet that men seem to rise in SMP value around the age of 28. Many people have said that it’s the maturity, life experience and confidence that comes from age. I say all those are well and good, but they’re not the primary reason. The primary reason is…..it’s around the age of 28 that men just don’t want to have sex with women their own age.

It’s really just that simple. Around 28 I started looking around, at all the women I used to find attractive and, they weren’t so attractive anymore. It wasn’t a conscious decision, my dick just said, “Don’t settle, they keep making new ones all the time.” And my dick does have the upper hand in debates when he’s the one that has to stand up and finish the statement. The wall is not kind to women.

Through much of history, this wasn’t an issue, because women just didn’t wait until such an advanced age to get married. And there are wife-goggles, where any women that ages gracefully will almost always be attractive to her husband. But I was single. Women will only be as attractive to you as when you started the relationship. And 28 wasn’t attractive to me anymore.

But wait, there’s more. You see, my dick is a long term planner, despite much evidence to the contrary. And one thing that really started to weigh on my decision making was how quickly a woman was going to age after I became involved with her. All around me I saw women hitting the wall, and even going for a women just a little younger was not going to get me interested enough to stick through that transition. And I started looking at 22 and 23 year old’s in a different light. They don’t even see it coming.

It was then that I realized I could never devote myself, as a faithful husband, to a women who wasted the prettiest years of her life before she met me. This is where my confidence and value really began to manifest itself. Not just because I knew exactly what I can offer a woman, but also because I knew exactly what she could offer me. And I could not settle for anything less.

Older women, in their late twenties and up, just don’t understand. It wasn’t taught to me, or to any man, that we should not find you as attractive as your younger sisters. If anything, it’s the complete opposite, we’ve been taught over and over again that it shouldn’t matter. But it does. Biology always wins.


The Selfie and Hook-Up Culture Explained

For some reason, people keep trying to come up with great big complicated sociological reasons for the hook-up culture on college campuses and the huge proliferation of selfies by high school women. Well, if college taught useful skills to everyone, like calculus, perhaps it wouldn’t be such an issue.

Look at that graph and consider that a woman is hypergamous, where she wants a man that is of higher status than herself, and sex ratios highly influence the bargaining power of women for stable long term relationships, ie marriage versus hooking up. Look at the area under the curve. Women start to blow up in sexual marketplace value (SMV) after puberty, which keeps starting earlier and earlier, and men go nowhere fast.

What this means, is that a 15 year old woman has very few male “peers” of a higher sex rank (SR). So how in the world will she attract a man of higher sex rank? Well, she most likely has not had sex yet, and that’s a significant wall to climb, so she’s not ready for the hookup culture. What she can do, is focus on taking selfies. This is a natural reaction to the incredibly relationship poor marketplace that high school women have to deal with. They are near their peak, with no options their age, the same as men in their thirties. The selfie is a way to reach the natural assortative mating marketplace, and to try to get her historical worth for her high SR.

But what happens when this same woman reaches college? By the age of 18 half will have had sex, and at 19 more than two thirds will have had sex. But, again these women are still segregated from most of the men that are of a higher SR, and so they are not able to sustain commitment from the few men that can match their SR, but are too busy enjoying the results of a highly rigged economy.

And we should all know by now that once a women loses her virginity to one man without commitment, her chances of being in a successful long term relationship decrease drastically. So she continues hooking up, but she has almost no choice in such a rigged SMV, and like it or not, our instincts to have sex after puberty are our driving force. She keeps telling herself that she’s just having a good time, but keeps pining for her alpha widow to choose her.

The selfie and the hook-up culture are a result of a segmented sexual economy, that gives women little if no options to get the proper value of man for themselves. It’s why so many older women, with their low SR are so vicious about separating high SR men and women the way western society has; they have to rig the game against their more worthwhile sisters to have a fighting chance, which I’ll delve into next post.


Men Are The More Emotional Sex

Emotions are why we make decisions, and the main logic we use is to rationalize that decision, and make it work.

Men are much more emotional than women, do to the much higher production of hormones. However, it’s always in the same direction, hence men continuing the status quo long after it’s gone. It’s also why men’s emotions cause them to ACT in many ways that can be quite life shortening, while women’s emotions mainly just cause them to be annoying.

Women experience change or acceleration in emotional status more than men, however their emotional velocity is still lower.

An analogy is men are in a car always traveling 50 miles per hour, while a woman’s car travels at 20 mph, now 10, now it’s in reverse, now it’s going 5mph, what the hell is going on? However, in the case of an accident or misjudgement, the man will end up with much more serious repercussions.

This is why men seem more logical, most of the time we only have to plan for our one way emotional speeding car, while women have a great deal more possibilities to prepare for.

It’s also why men seem to continuously mature, and many women plateau, it’s just too great a computational difference to really plan for. It probably has a great deal to do with why women continuously fitness test, again from the greater change in emotions, while a man has adjusted, and wonders why his woman can’t.

And finally, it explains why many man are devastated by breakups, while women tend to recover faster. The hormones and emotional attachment aren’t there to the same extent.

Graph From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Blood_values_sorted_by_mass_and_molar_concentration.png